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  • *chuckles*

    I find the word "moist" to be really weird. But that might be from watching too much Pepper Ann as a kid lol.
    Lol yes it is! But I have found that most words sound funny if you think about it. Especially if you say them slowly and then think about how they are spelled versus how they are said... Very amusing to do but it makes people look at you funny.
    Lol I remember that, I thought you were a tad annoying. But you grew on me and now you is one of my friends! Even if it did take me a few weeks to figure out that your name was Xigbar backwards....
    Geez doesn't feel that long. It feels like it was just a short while ago. Though the forum doesn't show it THAT is for sure.
    Wow lol. I don't even remember when I joined, I know it shows it on my profile page but I rarely look or bother.
    I know what you mean, I keep getting dragged back over here no matter how much I hate certain parts (or members).
    Well one is a Roleplaying School that I Moderate on. It is in need of people who wish to learn how to RP but not much else.

    I also Moderate on a forum that Dragon made (The one who started the Dragon RP we were on).

    And I am on another site which I truly love and has actually been the main reason why I have not been on this site much. It is called Kingdom-Gaming and it actually has some of the members from KHI on it.
    IT is rather annoying because it isn't like I don't have time for forums anymore, I just have found some better ones that quite honestly have nicer people on them.

    This one just isn't the same as it was a few years ago.
    It is all rather depressing to be sure. I am currently in only one RP and it is the first one that I have joined in a few months. Every other one just died.

    Sadly the RP's were one of the few reasons I was staying on KHI. Hence my lack of logging in.
    Erm well it died... Sadly. I wish it hadn't but alas when Soul left he kinda took most of the driving force behind it, Omega wasn't posting and Dragon was always too busy to post and it pretty much spiraled downhill from there TT-TT
    Are you trying to insult my profile?

    I like pink...

    Well... umm... Chocolate?
    Don't goooooooo..................

    I... I will... make you a cake! Yep, that's it! I will bake you a cake if you stay!
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