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  • I'm a newcomer, but I was interested in the manga since 2008. I actually started watching the anime this past November and caught up with the series.

    How about you?
    Alrighty, then, and same goes to you! :) Have a good night, take care, and God bless!
    Well, hopefully so. I used to write fanfics, too, but I've lost the interest. I think I had unknowingly treated it as a way to gauge my interest in the field, haha. Though, as you said earlier, if the calling comes, I'll go for it.

    A reminder, eh? That might work. My knowledge in KH isn't really something that I should be proud about, especially not in real-life. I'd be a total nerd, haha. Though I'm glad to know that it's helped you in some way; at least it wasn't for nothing! Although, I'd personally rather help others on gameplay or strategies than theories. Besides, diving too deep into theories might kill the surprise the next game has in store for us; with all those critical minds out there, there's always a chance that their theories would prove correct all along.

    You know, we're talking like we've known each other for quite some time, while in fact it hasn't even been a week. Is it because of the things we have in common, like the knowledge of those five kias, bo liao (that's it! Some of those badge bearers are bo liao! Haha) and our faith? XD
    Well, I did think of publishing a book. My friends even encouraged me to do so. But... I didn't know what the book would be about, so it was never realised. XD

    Spot on right there. You hit the nail on the head. And don't tell this to anyone, but based on my observation, some people with this badge are known to write longish (long, actually) posts even in response to simple questions, and post extensive theories, so extensive that I think they had spent half an hour to type their posts and way more to think about those theories. I don't want to name, but provided that you take a look around, you'll see. So yeah, at first I was like, "Ooh, shiny," and all, but it's lost its splendour to the point that I personally almost resent having it myself. It kind of... reminds me of all the time I spent thinking and fighting about such trivial stuff. :( I'd rather spend time chatting like this, yeah... more good can come out of it.
    Precisely! Shoot, if only I remember where I stored away all those reflective writings I've written in the past, I would have gladly shared them with you. When I was studying I used to write quite a lot about the ups and downs of life and how they relate to our spiritual life, but those files are now hidden somewhere in the deep recesses of the vast maze that is my 2 TB harddisk. :p

    Your thread is a nice jog of memory, I must say. It's been quite a while since I last answered questions like that. I used to participate and contribute in various theory and question threads (and suddenly gained this Keyblade Master badge in the process), but I no longer do because... well... I figured I could do something more useful than putting forth theories about a game. It could be fun sometimes, but I don't devote my life to doing that, so... yeah. You can take the Keyblade Master badge away from me if you want (and if it were possible). XD
    Who? What? When? Did someone say such a thing? :p Optimism is important, yo! And though I obviously want to get what I want, I know it's better to get what I need. It could be disappointing, yeah, but I'm sure that in the long run, it's going to be for the best. God's plans are not man's, He works in mysterious ways, and could be so dang creative about it, haha.

    By the way, that thread of yours has turned into a discussion worthy of being in the forums. SORRY ABOUT THAT! XD
    Or it's simply because of propaganda, political or religious, and money politics. It's the ugly truth. But there's one great gold nugget of a story here; there was once a candidate who was desperately seeking to secure a seat at the House of Representative, and he handed a few envelopes of money to a village head to be distributed further. It turned out that the candidate didn't make it, and he actually had the gall to ask the village head to return his money! I literally shouted at the screen, "Serves you right!" XD

    Huh... luckily I still have 3 to 4 years before then. Just you see, within that period of time, I will have found someone! ... well, finding someone is one thing. Proposing to her is another... haha...
    If only it were that simple. Another problem is that there's no shortage of these foul candidates, really! And they are all so charismatic to the point that they can somehow gain massive support from people. I myself deliberately overlook those candidates because it would just be a waste of time to even consider them. Sadly, a great number don't, and if any of these people wins the majority... I really don't know where this country will be going to. All I can do is vote for my personal best and hope and pray for the best.

    Certainly it's not too late to get married before 30 (in my opinion, too). I mean, we guys are quite lax; from what I've seen, it's girls who seem to be in some kind of pressure to get married before reaching 27. Nowadays, in the modern society, it's quite uncommon to see single ladies aged 28+. Heck, even my lady classmates have started getting married one by one! Time flies, and it really waits for no one. XD
    So the legal age to vote is 21 there? I see. It's 17 here, and the last election was in 2009, so I will have voted twice by mid-year. The main problem is discerning who is the best candidate in our eyes; they all have faults, some of them worse than others, so it might very well boil down to voting for the "best of the worst" or "the lesser of many evils".

    Oh, you really wouldn't want your relatives to keep asking you those questions. It might start as an innocent question, but later on it would turn really annoying. Just enjoy your under-20 moments as much as you can! XD
    Oh, haha. Well, I personally don't mind (because it's public secret anyway), but since talking about it could get rather depressing, talking about things other than this might be a good idea, haha. I just have one hope for now: that the next presidential election which would take place in less than three months from now would bring about a much needed change, hopefully for the better.

    ... dang, in just 18 years, you've got as many crushes than I ever did! I'm seeing this as a sign that I might need to find someone soon enough. After all, my relatives always ask me, "When will you get married?" whenever there's a family reunion, seemingly disregarding the fact that two cousins of mine, older than me, have yet to get married as well. But oh well, I always say to them, "When it's time. I'd rather take my time finding a match than do it in an express manner only to have a failing marriage." Usually it works in silencing them, but I don't know for how much longer it would still be effective. XD
    Which topic? The government one, or the priest one? You're free to drop it if you don't feel comfortable talking about it, haha. No worries!

    You thought so, too? When I was a kid I used to think that way as well. Those guys are holy guys, after all, so they must go to Heaven when it's time. XD I do agree, though, with your father... that it's probably better to at least experience falling in love with someone, because I think it's a part of growing up. Those who are currently priests are human, too, and were once boys; they must have smitten by a girl at one point of their lives. :p
    Ah, well... I guess I can't blame you for not liking durians, haha. It's an acquired taste after all, just like coffee, and it's one of those food that you either hate or love, no in-between. And precisely, you want people to abide to the rules, you impose heavy consequences to those who flout them. I'm pretty sure if this policy is implemented to my country, the government would be rich as (pardon me) s**t, although it's not like they aren't thanks to corruption. -_-

    You what!? That's awesome hearing it from a youngster like you... Father Quintus. I wonder if you would still play or make games as a priest. XD

    When the calling comes, you'll know. I have an acquaintance who studied chemical engineering before deciding that he would enter a seminary, and now he's become a Fransiscan. And just a fun fact: at different times of his life, Pope Francis once worked as a nightclub bouncer and laboratory technician, so that calling really can reach out to anyone, anytime. XD

    Oh, multilingual Mass? I've been to one two Easters back; they celebrated the Mass in English and Mandarin. But to have four languages at a time, that's something! That means there has to be at least three priests, no? Unless if he can speak more than two languages, that is...
    Yeah, they do. They fine those caught littering and spitting inappropriately, and the fines are heavy. If I'm not mistaken, it's $500. You are also not allowed to bring durians on board public transport due to its pungent aroma (though I like it), and you'll be fined $1,000 if you do. Crazy, huh? Although it's that you can't eat chewing gum; you can, but you can't import / bring gums from overseas for some reason.

    You should give it a try! I find lector duty to be quite enriching because it helps me to pay more attention to the readings (which, I admit, I only hear sometimes, not listen to). There isn't really a lot to prepare other than practicing and understanding the context of the readings so as to recite it in a natural, flowing manner in front of people.

    In what language do you usually go to the Mass? Is it English, Mandarin (or any of its dialects), or Malay?
    So you did take a look at that website. Haha. Turn away before it's too late, I'm telling you, otherwise their mindset will corrupt yours. XD Also, the fact that those kinds of news are common and actually not special is what unnerved me, that such things have kind of become a daily bread. It's even sadder that people keep unnecessarily exposing such things because it gives the society a really bad face.

    Ah, yeah, that's the word. It sounds kind of similar to kia bo, isn't it? And as for fear for the government... I can't speak for them as I'm not a Singaporean myself, but judging from the situation back when I was living there, it did seem that they are getting enough of the government policies. Perhaps they're slowly getting over that kia?

    You're Catholic? Isn't that a pleasant surprise, because so am I! What are the chances? I mean, you're from a Muslim country and I'm from a country with the largest Muslim population. XD So you should understand what I mean if I said I had a lector duty. :)
    What I meant by snowballing is overthinking problems that are, as I said, not worth thinking about. Take a look at Singapore's citizen journalism website, Stomp, and you'll know what I mean. And by the way, I'm never visiting that website again... you've been duly warned, hehe.

    Haha, yeah, I did pick up some slang words during my stay, kiasu and kiasi included. Kiabo is new to me, though; I've never heard of it before although yeah, I tend to agree that it applies to a portion of Singaporeans just as the other two do. However, on a hilarious, somewhat related note, I've also heard another kia (I forgot the actual word) that means fear of wife. :p

    By the way, is it alright for you to pause here for today? I've got church to attend first thing in the morning tomorrow, and I can't be late since I will be on duty. XD
    Yeah, many people of different nationalities choose to work there because salary in Singapore is really high compared to that in other Southeast Asian countries. The starting salary is easily 10x of the starting salary here! o_O

    If you ask if I felt good being there... I'd say it's only because my friends. I don't quite like living there, truth be told, because many of the people are... ahem, not quite considerate and tend to snowball trivial matters (which usually are not worth thinking) into something the size of Mt Everest. What's the word... bo liao, I guess? XD
    Yeah, the tuition fee is expensive. But you can try to apply for a tuition grant from the education ministry; in my time, it helped cover up to 90% of the fees. There's a catch, though... you are required to work in a Singapore-registered company for three years.

    I've never been to Hong Kong myself. I do have friends residing there, though, and I figured I might as well visit the country one day since I don't need to apply for a travel visa to land there. However, I only know very little Mandarin (and it's just the words that you usually use to order food or drink in coffee shops!), let alone Cantonese... though I heard that many HKers do speak English.
    Agreed wholeheartedly! Less light pollution means more to see on the night sky. You can only see so much on urban skies, and even when looking from the telescope (I actually did this at an observatory), it's fuzzy.

    Yup, I studied in Singapore for four years and worked for another two before returning home. And I'm positively sure the country has changed much ever since you last were there... after all, you were just a kid, and for what I observed, urban development in Singapore is ridiculously fast. I mean, heck, when I visited Singapore for the first time in four months, I could see new hotels and malls I hadn't seen before. I'm glad that it isn't like that here; my city has already got too many malls for its own good. XD
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