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  • Hey man I was thinking you want to collab and redo your primitive rp it has great potential but ...I was going back in forth on it so I kinda ruined it for ya all this way Itr will and be amazing though it already is.
    yeah, I just feel as though it wasn't attractive enough for members, like when I copied and pasted it from OpenOffice to the post. Most of the font size changed dramatically and it made look... Ugly.
    Ready for another Brutal Legend?
    Just give me a week if your okay with any repost-ition.
    Sounds cool ^^ oh and awsome song too! I updated my psp to 6.20 and I now got a digital comic reader and sensme music application, cool right? But also was able to get a few freebies from psnetwork like.... THE METAL GEAR SOLID PEACE WALKER DEMO! Oh yeah, take that rich people who's getting the game overseas's >:D lol XD. The games pretty awesome. But it a bit confuzuling with the controls and stuff cause you can't really move when your crawling or move around when you flatten against the wall. But still it's got an awsome CQC combo move you can do (Not sure if you can do it in MGS4......MEH!) but it's pretty cool. There's also a extra that you can get a cool backround with you mission details on it, I got one with snake on it but I think thats all I can get right now. The stories pretty good so far too. Right now you go to Costa Rica and infiltrate a few places. I might try and see if my could get me the whole game when it comes out but for now I gotta wait :/
    Awsome. You should save up for a psp somtime though. Like How I'm hoping to get a ps3 soon (If my daddy gets me one seeing how it's pretty cheap now, ok not that cheap but way cheaper than what it was before) But, hey it's your money, I don't get pocket money or even the chance to touch the money I got in the bank (Good idea I don't though, otherwise I'd go crazy)
    yeah my sister cracked up when she saw that. Oh yeah I ment the part on the shagohod, but that doesn't matter much. Oh well There's a new metal gear game comming out on psp right? I forgot the name but I saw a few screen shots on google and it looks pretty awsome.
    I have to say, after looking it over. I could have done more to the plot and stuff, [next Sunday] once I get a computer I will do everything to neaten it- and improve it.
    (I can't use a computer until next Sunday because the laptop I usually use is somewhere else, & I'm currently using my cousins.)
    XD what a crack up video! the part where he got smashed in the metal gear drill (can't remeber what they're called) was funny. Wonder how that person got all the other random parts in though...
    lol, nothin my sis would say (seeing how she's younger than me) but somtimes I feel like a nerd when I blab on about somthing, e.g when I start a tpoic I just have to say somthing random and nerdy XD
    Do u wanna battle. I'll let u chose all the essentials. I won't post a temp though.
    Okayz- expect it to get it through PM tomorrow.
    You can edit it anyway you want.
    Yeah, no problamo-
    Do you still want the RP stuff I've been making, or are you just going to do that yurself?
    Hey Q! yeah I've been taking longer breaks than usual. But that just happens right? anyway I want to pull out of the rp's. Why? well I've been getting too much stuff to do so I really have no time to write in the rp's while I'm on.
    YES, that would be great. I'll send you the whole thing via PM tomorrow.
    I'm almost finished with the Brutal Legend rp, but I might wait another week or two to post- since there's a lot of RP's anyways[just wait until they die out], also I might have to go visit a family member next weekend and I don't want to post it- then be gone... unless you would manage it? Until I get back-
    still fun nonetheless... I'm usually arlright with powerplaying and godmodding because you can get the chance to last longer if you do... but save those as a last resort or when it seems the time is right...
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