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  • ...Sorry i haven't been in contact about the rp but I finally have free time for it. And before we go anywhere the whole plot needs to be redone along with how this whole mess started so lets start there.

    P.s: if you want we shall keep this to pm for the rest of the conversation.
    Well I'm not a fan of horror stuff, so I don't think I'm gonna join on that, sorry :x

    Awesome, a song! :O
    Oh yeah, that was an awesome fight, but it was really easy. One of the best parts of the game is when you get three BARS and turn into a god damn tiger. :OOO

    And when you were fightnig Batt Jr in the first phase (on his flying car thing), did you figure out how to get him to move on to the next phase by yourself, or did you look up that you had to weapon clash him somewhere? I had to look it up.

    Also finally got around to posting yay
    Margaret, if only because of the awesome song that plays when you fight her, and the fact that there's pizza inside the little building things you can destroy. That made me laugh. The millionaire dude was pretty fun too, especially when he literally shoots money at you. Uhh...that big dude with the flame thrower axe thing was the first/only boss to kill me off. ;-; But he was still cool.
    Oh geez, I beat that in two days. x-x
    It was awesome though! Too bad you only get to use Henry for one battle. I'd've liked to use him in those other dudes he killed for Travis.
    Whoa, I just realized we both need to be on board with the same Fusion attack. Since it's probably only a lvl one Fusion, I'm thinking we should do like how they did it in the game, with a bunch of quick attacks and teleporting all over the screen and such.
    Sweet, thanks.

    ...Great, now I'm addicted to something else. Mostly the dress up, though. Them some cute cats. :3
    Hey, Q! (That's my nickname for you now.) Sorry I haven't been keeping up with the TWEWY RP, I just got my mitts on some new games. Anyway, I'm gonna keep up now! But, do you mind making the first post of day three? Pretty please with awesome cherries on top made of pure chocolate? :D
    Yep. You gonna have a lot to look forward too. Mad world sounds like an awsome game. But a PSN card sounds better. Your choice though. I've started to play the kh games again. There are a few things I didn't bother to do.
    nothin much either. Just hanging around and fixing up my psp. Oh well, anyway I finally got off my ass and decided to make a facebook account. Don't know why I bothered but oh well. The website looks good know though aye?
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