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  • There's also our dream battle in the tournament. I think I did a good job of bullshitting myself into exploiting a loophole :)
    If anything could be done by Prophet in Shades of Blue, it would be appreciated. He and Ulti are part of one of the remaining two strands of Christmas morning to be resolved.
    Eh, I'm going to trust you and leave it in your hands. In my opinion, getting ruthlessly thrashed and getting an explanation of why I got ruthlessly trashed is a good method of learning. So yeah, go crazy.
    Damn, I was going to post in the dream battle that I entered it just as I was lunging you, realising that I was dreaming at that very moment and then faltering, after which the confrontation could continue.
    That's definitely a very interesting character. Wonder what he'd be like to battle against.
    I actually haven't created a new character since my last one. He's still my favorite, though I guess I should get around to reworking him. I unfortunately never got to use him extensively.

    I like the way this tournament is going though, with the restrictions and all. People tend to forget that "control over fire" allows you to more or less create a supernova haha.

    That's an interesting character. Do you know how he would respond to someone that does not have a sense of fear?
    I just read my last PM to you back in '09.

    How things have changed!

    I don't even remember being in that slump. I look back at that time with a lot of happiness.

    What new characters have you created?
    Currently the biggest connection it has to becoming canon in the open is the rp "Liminality" that Dar and I have in the works.

    Anyway it'll be easier if you ask questions and I respond to quench your thirst on the topic and discuss it that way.
    Samuel is, as you said, a good villian. I personally love his personality, and he sure is demented(possibly slightly more than Sylar xD). Yeah, I think the pressure of introducing more characters into the series was too much for the writers to put the focus back on the originals: Claire, Sylar, Peter, Mohinder, and Hiro. Though, Ando has my favorite power(yeah, I'm a sucker for energy manipulation :p)

    It's definitely way better than the last season of the series, honestly. As for the arc, I am curious about a few things,but I'm sure they'll be cleared up soonish. Most of all, I'm curious about that Seattle killer. And on a semi-relevant note, you have mad writing skills, and your story-telling is pretty wicked. Fanficion has never been my forte of writing, so my hate comes off to you *takes off invisible hat* :3
    Ain't that the truth. I loved him in the first two seasons, honestly, but your right, he kinda got ruined in the third and forth seasons. The whole part of his body being Nathan's was just stupid in my opinion, but I did like how Sylar was stuck in Matt's head; that was pretty comical xD

    Isaac was definitely one I loved too. I agree with you on that the first season was the best. The second season was good, but just didn't have that same feel, third season was okay, but felt stretched at points...aaaaand forth season was just total trash :<, but I did like the bond between Peter and Emma. Can you say true love? :p
    Probably random question, but do you got a favorite character from Heroes?

    Mine is definitely a tie between good ol' Sylar and Hiro :D
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