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  • am i meant to be gleaming deep meanings from these seemingly random gifs
    That's more or less what it has been here, too. It suuuuucks. damn you climate change. also summer.
    970 is plenty strong for any modern game
    I may extend it depending on those partaking in the contest tomorrow. :3

    I'm sorry for picking a weird date to end it. xD
    Mr. Sloth is talking to me. ouo *pinches self to make sure I'm awake* <3

    I didn't have a reason in particular.

    Would you like me to extend it until August 31st or something? XD

    I thought two months was a long enough period to do the contest... but yeah, I can extend it if need be. x3

    O Lord, punish me ... for I've not the strength to punish myself!

    Expect that promised PM soon-ish. As usual, something got in the way.
    Sounds like a plan to me, old chum. Send me a PM with some early brainstorming -- or I'll send one to you, whenever I finish writing all of the things I should have written a week ago.
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