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  • Still think she's lying through her back teeth. Why? She hasn't made a good impression on me, hence the callousness. Be as nice as you want, I'll just stick to not believing anything a person says.

    Also, I'm frequently emotional, that's my disposition. I just don't feel, as it were. Hollows & echoes but it's too hard to explain.
    You know what? My boyfriend of four years was blown up by terrorists in Afghanistan two months ago. He also happened to be one of my best friends, stuck by my side through every problem I had, and I did the same for him, and he was perhaps someone I would consider to be a perfect fitting half of myself. We weren't perfect, he pissed me off, I pissed him off, but it was a good relationship overall. And that's just the tip of the iceberg of bullshit I've endured.

    I'm not being a dick for no reason. It just fucks me off that people conjure up bullshit stories.
    It's your call, of course, but I have a strong feeling you would fit in here just fine. Of course, I'm basing my entire opinion of you off of a few paragraphs, but still. You impressed me.
    I know you only joined this site to make one post, but really, feel free to stick around. And understand that I don't encourage newcomers to do that often.
    Gotta say but I kind of took offence that you'd call me a cockbag at not being gullible enough to believe Allister Nine's story. :/
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