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Recent content by Prince Akio

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    Princess Theory

    Hello everyone! I come to you with a theory, though not made by me; just posting this in place of my friend who does not have an account on here with his permission. Here is his theory: Does anyone remember reading or thinking that Aurora, Snow White, and Cinderella all look the same age in...
  2. P

    Chris Sanders confirmed as Stitch

    Just throwing my two cents out there but I'm happy that he's returning for Stitch. ^.^
  3. P

    Jesse McCartney returning for Birth By Sleep

    Re: Jesse McCartney returning for BbS???? Yay! He's coming back! I'm glad he's returning; I hate it when they change actors throughout a series!
  4. P


    This is a very good post. The picture of each of them helps to strengthen the argument. I definitely agree that Ienzo could have just grown a bit - hello? Growth Spurts?
  5. P

    Ven, Aqua, Terra's Future

    Terra - somehow involved with Xehanort Aqua - she dies Ven - is "erased"
  6. P


    Trust me, I don't think the end is in sight.
  7. P

    Which Order Are You Doing?

    Not sure yet; probably going with Ven first, then Terra, and then Aqua. Or I might switch the first two.
  8. P


    LOL. Wow that made me laugh more than I thought it would. :36:
  9. P

    Master Qualification Exam

    I was wondering the same thing! I don't know, most likely the test will involve your skill with the keyblade and maybe a test of your heart to see if you're worthy of becoming a keyblade master.
  10. P

    My Ienzo theory/ idea

    It could work I suppose. But at this point we still don't know much about BBS to make accurate assumptions.
  11. P

    Even more HQ BbS screenshots.

    Thanks for the pictures! ^^
  12. P

    Nobody Aging theory.

    I was just thinking the same thing. All over a picture...:31:
  13. P

    Nobody Aging theory.

    Interesting theory but...Nomura already sad Nobodies do not age whatsoever. Your theory is making up something new with baseless conjecture.
  14. P

    Zexion/Ienzo Theory

    So many people have already proposed that theory.
  15. P

    Zexion/Ienzo Theory

    I know right? Seriously, I still say Nomura released the picture on purpose just to have everyone spas-out. KH fan-base likes to make over-the-top theories... :31: