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Recent content by PrettyGuard

  1. PrettyGuard

    What are some games you think are underrated?

    Fatehaven and some of the earliest HG’s such as the aforementioned game “Paranoia” and the Fall of Daria was underrated but for me it was awesome!!!
  2. PrettyGuard

    Anyone expect WoW Burning Crusade Classic?

    I think at this point we can conclude that the original suspected release date of the pre-patch is likely correct, and give it maybe a month after that and we'll have tbc..
  3. PrettyGuard

    Final Fantasy XVI

    Yes,I'm hyped!
  4. PrettyGuard

    Heavy Challenges up ahead!

    Yeah, I usually go to that route whenever I go kill hard bosses. Just curious though, is there a time when gaming took a toll on your mental health, that you were required by your parents to talk with a counselor?
  5. PrettyGuard

    Local Fox news affiliate covers the Kingdom Hearts series being released on PC

    This clarifies things up. "Disney executives have cut the word "Fox" from their 20th Century Fox film studio in an apparent bid to distance it from operations of the previous owner, Rupert Murdoch." https://www.bbc.com/news/business-51160219
  6. PrettyGuard

    Final Fantasy XVI

    I couldn't be happier if it turns out to be true! FFXVI is the beast! The summons looks sick, there are theories about a job system and the music is dope. Excited for sure. And it's a return to high fantasy from the mainline series. Can't wait to see if they do more with the setting. The only...
  7. PrettyGuard

    Kingdom Hearts Union X end of service and release of offline mode postponed to June 17, 2021

    I’ve never been more excited for a delay until now.
  8. PrettyGuard

    Local Fox news affiliate covers the Kingdom Hearts series being released on PC

    It's really nice seeing KH in mainstream media. :eek::love:
  9. PrettyGuard

    Experiences Of Critical Mode

    No worries, enjoy!
  10. PrettyGuard

    Experiences Of Critical Mode

    There's a thread for that already. https://www.khinsider.com/forums/index.php?threads/the-critical-mode-experience-thread.219691/page-5
  11. PrettyGuard

    What Games would you like to see remade for Current Gen Consoles?

    Suikoden, I want it remade with awesome graphics. One of the best games of my childhood days.
  12. PrettyGuard

    Minecraft vs Gacha Life

    Easy. Minecraft.
  13. PrettyGuard

    Coffee Signature for $2

    How about raising the fee more? ;)
  14. PrettyGuard

    So it seems a remake of The Last of Us is coming...

    Yeah, I saw a headline about it earlier but never read the article. Not sure what can really be improved upon from the original but it's whatever really, I can't say that I really have an interest in a remake.