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Recent content by PowerIsNothing

  1. PowerIsNothing

    KH: BBS Aqua Hair and Age

    I'd just put it down to the effects of the realm of darkness. Time flows differently there.
  2. PowerIsNothing

    Master Xehanort- Good or Evil?

    I also think that Xehanort's words of restoring balance was a lie from the start. Eraqus saw through this early on, seeing through Xehanort's "Poetic Excuses" for his lust for power. How Eraqus was so stupid to be tricked by Xehanort again is beyond me(For disney's sake, you could see the...
  3. PowerIsNothing

    KH2 Retcon?

    I don't think the clothes ever allowed Sora to dual wield, rather it just tapped into the power Sora already had(Ventus's heart).
  4. PowerIsNothing

    did anybody else... hate Aqua?

    She was probably just trying to sound younger, but it came out more Japanese chipmunk.
  5. PowerIsNothing

    Sephiroth in BbS

    I would like that idea for KH III! Since it will more than likely be out on the PS3, its a perfect place to battle Sin! Don't know how they would add that in to KH's story but fighting Sin on next gen hardware would be epic.
  6. PowerIsNothing

    Beta/final comparison & research [IMAGE HEAVY] [SPOILERS]

    Well dude, you did have an ass kissing moment back there. Also nobody never said it had no meaning.
  7. PowerIsNothing

    Ven is NOT a roxas clone

    Well considering the fact that people are trying to use him to cause chaos(forging the X-Blade) It seems perfectly understandable that he would get emotional at that time. Doesn't mean he is similar to Roxas.
  8. PowerIsNothing

    Beta/final comparison & research [IMAGE HEAVY] [SPOILERS]

    Nobody likes a kiss ass...
  9. PowerIsNothing

    Birth by Sleep Final Mix TGS Info (Will have BRAND NEW content, January 2011)

    This!!! A sobering truth we should all take in.
  10. PowerIsNothing

    Final Mix Scans! (4)

    I actually thought the exact same thing about Eraqus. I'd never say it on here though(until now)in fear of abuse from fan boys lecturing me on how "KH characters look totally asian!"
  11. PowerIsNothing

    Final Mix Scans! (4)

    Thats it, I have to import this now. Seeing as how we have an armoured Eraqus, i'm guessing we'll be getting his keyblade after the fight.
  12. PowerIsNothing

    Vanitas Remnant: Your Strategy?

    No Vanitas should be ashamed of himself for using that dirty shadow clone trick.
  13. PowerIsNothing

    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    Do you have once more and second chance? It comes in handy for the beams, you should probably equipt more curagas and constantly cure yourself as the beams hit you(He only used the beams twice with me though).
  14. PowerIsNothing

    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    Funny, I beat MF with Terra first and Aqua is the one I'm having trouble beating him with. As Terra my deck consisted of 4 fire surges and 4 curaga's, and I had the Void Gear equipped. All I did was spam fire surges, the only thing you need then is luck. Since all his attacks are random, you...