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    Vanitas's Lingering Spirit strategy.

    I have been trying to defeat VLS for a day now. I'm at level 52 on critical mode playing as Aqua. Does anyone know a good strategy to go about beating him? I can barely last 2 minutes. Any decks that are useful ect.
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    Kingdom Hearts BBS Final Mix on the 3DS?

    With the Western release of BBS less than a month away, I'm thinking Japanese fans will be wanting a final mix released. I know Nomura says that it won't happen, but he has said that in the past about KH 2. With all the extra stuff we have, I can't see Nomura just leaving them out. I was...
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    Sora vs Terra

    I know that a lot of people will pick Terra to win this fight, but I can't write Sora completely off. He has defeated both Ansem Sod and Xemnas, both a part of Terra. He also killed off pretty much the entire Org XIII. I think Sora is in with a chance.
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    Have you ever been mistaken for the opposite sex?

    I was walking home today, and I walked past a group of construction workers and they whistled at me. I felt so ashamed lol They thought I was a girl. Has anyone else had a similar thing happen? (Either Gender)
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    Terra or Xehanort?

    Now that Sora has killed both Ansem SOD and Xemnas...his complete being has been restored. Does this mean that Xehanort is back? Or has both Master Xehanort and Terra returned?
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    Connection between Terra and Xehanort's Heartless?

    I was just wondering if Ansem SOD can remember Terra's encounter with Riku? It would make sense considering he knows exactly how to manipulate Riku.
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    Mystery Game for the Wii?

    The KH team seem to be spreading the games over so many consoles. The DS, PSP, Mobile, 3DS. I was thinking maybe there would be a small chance of it coming to the wii. What with there being so many handhelds already, maybe he will surprise us. The graphics engine KH currently uses should be...
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    Riku vs Ventus

    Riku in his Kingdom Hearts 2 Form vs Ventus. To the death! I'm not sure about this one, Riku is a lethal killing machine, but how would he hold up against Ven?
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    Combat in BBS

    I've been wondering. What is the combat system in this game like in comparison to 1&2? People have told me its like the RE:COM card system but I've never played that game.
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    Could Riku get his own game?

    He will be a playable character in BBS but I'm really hoping they give him a prequel. There is still a lot left that can be explored in the time that Sora was in his slumber. It could be on the PSP or the 3DS. A game with Riku as the main character would be the ultimate form of fan service.
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    Battle of 1000 Nobodies?

    Is this a real battle in Kingdom Hearts 2, or the Final mix? I was thinking of buying the Final mix and I wasn't sure abut this one.
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    Kingdom Hearts BBS Extra content.

    I was just wondering if the EU version will get the same extra content that the US release gets? The first Kingdom Hearts game, the EU and US versions were exactly the same. Not that Square Enix actually care about Europe.
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    KH RE:COM Should come to the 3DS

    I'm from Europe and I'm guessing most other European's want to play RECOM, and I really don't want to go through the swap magic hassle. The 3DS is perfect for the game. It can handle the visuals for sure. They could make a profit if it was on the 3DS in EU. They released Days here and are...