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  • I don't really care about that kid having my name.
    But that doesn't change the fact how screwed that kid is going by your track record of how you handle situations.

    As I said before you could easily just keep away from me yet time and time again you insist on talking to me when you say you hate me.
    You don't go out of your way to talk to someone you can't stand, case in point I never talked to you unless you engage the convo in which case I barely say anything.
    Yeah I don't really care about the "baby".
    To hate me so much you sure do bother me a hell of a lot.
    I could go the rest of my life not being in contact with you yet you insist on bothering me time and time again.
    I stop talking to you on yahoo, you pop up on myspace, I stop using myspace and you bother me on the forums.
    That's pretty sad even for you.
    hey. i cant figure out bro's password but im at the restaurant. i was at a foodshow yesterday. food wasn't bad, kinda got sick

    yay figured out the password
    So, did you get fucked in your ass first, or your vagina?
    It is a good thing that you think positively, I assume! That's the spirit!
    The past had been committed, only hope for a better future that may be controlled by your hands
    The world is cruel, as well as its inhabitants, we can not change it.
    Why he said that? Kind of mean, I think
    I'm sorry I'm not much help. I wish I could offer you some helpful advice but I'm not really the one to ask for advice since I'm not really a professional or even have any knowledge on the subject.
    Well regret is common among decisions of all types. I honestly don't know what you expect me to do to help you. I'm no psychologist and my brain is a bit overloaded from the approaching doom of my exams. So I guess I would suggest that you seek help from a professional if you have problems like these.
    I wont diss a religion without sufficient prior knowledge, but I don't think religion should be brought into something that will affect your life as much as this. I'll just say that I think your mother should realise that religion isn't a be-all, end-all guide book to hold onto for every situation.
    The only help and advice I can give is to hope you make the right decision and one you don't and won't regret.
    Eh, bored. And I didn't think I'd push you into the red.

    Besides, if you had your priorities set straight you wouldn't be caring about rep.
    oh nothing, you mentioned it in a thread, everyone made fun of you for it, did you abort the parasite?
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