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Recent content by Phoenix

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    I guess you were right the whole time.

    I guess you were right the whole time.
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    8 years later, I can say this is incorrect

    8 years later, I can say this is incorrect
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    Sonic the Hedgehog

    That music is not Sonic music. The trailer needed way more buttrock.
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    Let's talk about Kairi in a different perspective?

    I'm going to say this right now: it'll turn out that Kairi was Ava all along. It would make no sense and I have absolutely no evidence for it, but if it happens, I'm going to feel like a genius.
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    1. Naminé (because I want more of her in the story, and she doesn't fight) 2. Elsa 3. Anna 4. Rapunzel 5. Ariel (Atlantica part 3, with better water mechanics) 6. Megara (if she marries Hercules, that technically makes her a princess, and I want my Coliseum back) 7. Moana (I really like this movie)
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    MoM takes the hood off and underneath it is...

    No joke, I would actually love it if it was Demyx.
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    MoM takes the hood off and underneath it is...

    It's just Xehanort again. Dark Seeker Saga 2.
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    Would you prefer a new protagonist?

    I know it's not likely to happen, but I'd really rather that we play Kairi in the next numbered game and save Sora for once. That way you can justify starting out the protag as being weak, and you also get badass Kairi by the end.
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    I think people went too far to hate Kairi.

    I both love Kairi and hate what KH3 did to her. Even ignoring her kidnapping, did they *really* have to have someone become her human shield every single time an attack came her way? KH3 had to choose between writing her as a Princess of Heart in need of protection, or as a Keyblade Wielder that...
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    How long do you think we might be in Shibuya?

    I personally like the idea of touring non-FF SE worlds, like Star Ocean, Tomb Raider, Valkyrie Profile, etc. In that scenario, I would like Shibuya to merely be the first world.
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    SEEEERCIALERZIM is upheld!

    BBC News - US Supreme Court upholds healthcare reform law Ahahahahahaha, Roberts out of fucking nowhere!
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    The divide between America's liberals and conservatives

    Since Walker survived re-election, I've seen a lot of talk on the internet about how conservatives are marginalized and dismissed (again, on the internet). I don't know how much of that is true, but as a liberal, I would like to reach out to my conservative brethren and look for common ground...
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    Convincing an Alien

    I have a question for the theists, if you'll humor me. You meet a man from another world. The man knows of biology, chemistry, physics, cosmology, etc. He's been alive for centuries; he's seen people be born and die. He's seen planets and solar systems. How exactly would you go about...
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    Help/Support ► So I just cut myself

    I understand. And believe me, you will love again, and you will be hurt again. It's the nature of it. Sometimes it sucks, it's horrible and you just want to die. But you can't, because the next one might really be the one you were looking for, and then how would you ever find out? Acknowledge...