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Recent content by Pheonex

  1. Pheonex

    What did you like most about BbS?

    For once, everything seemed to be answered. And things you thought you understood were comletely changed around. When things get deep in KH2, this just made everything a whole lot deeper.
  2. Pheonex

    Official BbS Pre-Order Discussion Thread

    Re: Who's pre-ordered so far? Well I was going to pre-order it, but then my boyfriend said he had already taken care of it ages ago. Haha, I guess we have more in common than we thought.
  3. Pheonex

    Beauty Tips

    Here's mine. YouTube - Aspirin Mask I tried it, it's amazing. And just watching this person in general. so does anybody have any beauty tips. Do it yourself type of things? Reviews and critisims for certain products? A site or channel to go to? Or even just tips for someone who wants too look...
  4. Pheonex

    English BbS Trailer + Game Play Videos

    Re: E3 English BbS Trailer This is true, but as far as I can tell that was her only good line. Everyhting else seems to be lacking the right type of emotion and passion that Aqua is supposed to be all about.
  5. Pheonex

    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Re: The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread Willa just lacks that deep emtion and passion that I was looking forward to in Aqua
  6. Pheonex

    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Re: The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread Agreed, those two voices were perfect for me. For some reason Aqua's voice seems all wrong to me, it's just not as mature and soothing as I would imagine it would be. And MX's voice is way too gravelly for me.
  7. Pheonex

    I know nobody probably cares...

    But I'm back. :D I haven't been here in what seems like forever to me. I haven't been on because my virus slert went crazy everytime I got on, and my mom didn't want me getting on here until that stopped. And my first year of high school has been one hell of a year. So I'm happy and more...
  8. Pheonex

    Your favourite 'Kairi'?

    Xion. Namine is cool and all, but give all props to the girl that can fight
  9. Pheonex

    Favorite video in theatre mode

    Xion's end and WINNER. It's just so sad, and then it follows up WINNER just to make the moment more sad
  10. Pheonex

    Xion's Theme's Theme

    I think it's tragic. And the fact that it's Xion's theme makes all the more tragic
  11. Pheonex

    Marluxia and Luxord

    The point of those specific roles is Luxord is a silvertounge and cunning, and Port Royal would be the perfect place for him to mess things up. It wouldn't really make any sense for him to be the lord of CO, or else the whoe card system might be changed, because Luxord handles the card thing as...
  12. Pheonex

    358/2 Days or TWEWY?

    Of course TWEWy is good because it's the original game, while Days is just a side game. But the gameplay for Days is better, and overall I like visiting different worlds better than basically doing the same thing everyday in Shibuya. So I think Days is better for me
  13. Pheonex

    Axel and his woman Advice

    I just like how he used the phrase "pushing the wrong buttons." I lol'd at that. The whole thing about women with hearts being twice as complicated, it's funny cuz it's true
  14. Pheonex

    358?2 Days Opening

    I thought it was a good intro. Defintelt started out the game on the right track. And I thought the music went along well
  15. Pheonex

    Organization Moogle is Awesome!

    I think it's hilarious that they don't care what side they're working for as long as they're getting buisness. And the hood looks so adorable on them!