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Recent content by Phenomenon X

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    New info+pic of Leon from KHU

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    o_0 that was very enlitening, thanx
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    How do you beat seproth

    i use sonic blade alot, its REALLY useful other than that, just go with what the others said, thats how i did it
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    i see dammit im confused again ill just watch all the other ideas
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    wats up wit the chat?

    ok, can anyone tell me how to write in the chat. theres no bar that i can see, and im in france so all the comp settings are (surprise) in french. how do i do it?
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    touchy touchy chill out dude o_0
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    BHK's awakening

    hey yeah....... u got me! o_0
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    BHK's awakening

    yeah thatd be cool whatever
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    midday drinking

    wassup evry1 heres a question for ya, who thinks its ok to drink as long as its after 12 midday? i was out with my friends the other day and i bought 1 can of drink one of them starts sayin how it was too early to drink, even though it was 5pm now is that right? give me your opinions