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Recent content by Pern

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    Is there a US Re:Coded Guide???

    I got the game today and I ask about the guide and they didn't have it too. So I just got the game. When I got bbs I got the guide with it. I'm hoping that the guide comes out soon. I like looking at my guides because you never no when you wont have the internet.
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    Any idea if there is going to be a Strategy Guide?

    I'm sure their will be one. Every KH game that I got I got the book, I think that it come out the same time as the game.
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    New Screenshots- Enchanted Dominion

    Wow cool. I can't wait to fight Dragon Maleficent again. I injoy kicking her but.
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    New Degenki Interview

    Re: Dengeki Interview This was a great read. I can wait for bbs.
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    The New Features in NA/PAL

    I like all of them but I can only pick so I pick the new bosses.
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    BBS collectors edition in Germany

    Congratulations to Germany.
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    new re:coded pictures

    Thank for the pic. I can't wait to get my hands on them.
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    3 Re:coded scans (clear scans)

    Thank for the scans they look great. I'm loving the full body spirits.
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    New Birth By Sleep screens

    Look great can't wait to play the game.
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    New Scans

    Nice, it look like fun. I can't wait to pick it up.
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    Kingdom Hearts Re:coded E3 Trailer!

    Awesome! I too like the full body sprites.
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    Message from the KINGDOM - Release date for Re:Coded

    It would be nice if we had a worldwide release. But I'm going to wait and see what happens but that seem like what their doing hopefully.
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    No Re:coded ANYTHING?!

    Yay I was a little sad that nothing come up about re:coded but I happy that I know that its coming over.
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    Interview Famitsu

    Ok thank for clearing that up.
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    Interview Famitsu

    Sound cool. I can't wait to get re:coded and learn more about kh3d. So kh re:coded and kh3d is not the two mystery games that we thought and their is one more coming? Did I get that right? And it look like he coming to E3 next year.