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  • I been doin the same as usual. I'm makin a Naruto rp and yu gotta join. It would be so awesome if yu did.
    Yeah? You're back for a while now? Same thing here. I was gone for a good year, but now I'm back to. So welcome back from me, who is back too. XD
    Still, I haven't talked to you since, i can't even remember the last time. How've you been man?
    You were and are one of the most epic people to grace this forum. You stuck it through with me since our what would be considered n00b days. Lol we never finished our challenge battles, but its all good, hope your getting along easier and life goes the way you want it to go. Still my main man Roxas13.

    Dude, your like one of the coolest Online dudes i met =P
    Good luck with what you have planned for yourself and have fun.

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