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Recent content by Peeper

  1. Peeper

    What is the best spoiler fore birth by sleep?

    Spoilers...in a Kingdom Hearts game....WTFITSIDEFK!? You mean to tell me that you can't foretell the events in an upcoming game, based on the previews, Nomura's habit of blowing his own horn, and his habit of being predictable by constantly reusing similar and often cliche ideas...
  2. Peeper

    Why do people date jerks?

    Exactly what the title says. Why do women date men who treat them like garbage? Smart, funny, pretty women of all things. How can a person have so little self respect that they do themselves such a disservice by being with someone who itemizes and belittles them? I just had to drag a friend...
  3. Peeper

    Should I buy 358/2? or borrow it for 3 days?

    Borrow it and then make the decision to buy after you tasted it. I really couldn't get in to it, because it's very boring and the story only picks up at the end. Almost all of the missions are the exact same, and most of the playable characters were worthless. I'd really recommend you just...
  4. Peeper

    How do you approach death?

    My best friend's grandfather is sick with Prostate Cancer. He's had it for a long time and he recently made one of his many turns for the worst. Her grandmother also died from breast cancer 3 years ago. Though her death was caused by hospital neglect, and not the actual cancer itself. So she...
  5. Peeper

    Peeper's Weekly lineart

    I started doing lineart about two-three weeks ago, and since then I have found it easier to draw with a mouse than by hand. I have also found it is something that I am quickly growing a knack for. I may not be world class, but I think I'm at a pretty good point for having only started this...
  6. Peeper

    No Joke: New Trailer Unveiled. (With mystery VA)

    I think I'm just going to play this one on mute. And people wonder why fans always have arguments over Japanese VA being better than English VAs...... Seriously, I hope that sh!t's fake. The voice acting in SE: NA games has crossed my line of patience.
  7. Peeper

    Why does everyone like Axel?

    When I was a tween, I thought he was hot because he had the backside of a well fed female. I was very much interested in the tapping of that ass. After my upstairs brain developed enough, I disliked him. He's a very emotional character, despite his Nobody status. He's a revamped version of...
  8. Peeper

    I see your tomfoolery, I raise you my finger

    I'm here to commit wankery, invite ho yay for my own personal amusement, and very possibly breech the fourth wall with my penis. I'm generally a very outspoken person, and I'm the first person to call bullshit in the most stupid of situations. I come off as trollish at times due to my very...