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  • You have to upload it to an image sharing site like Photobucket or Imageshack of course :\
    Oh ok, I'm somewhat of a noob on this site, even though I've been on it for nearly a year. I stopped using it about 11 months ago and I came back.
    Ok, I'll allow the character-one that way. ;)
    That way is better, much better. ^__^

    A little tip though, when answering to a message do it either on my page under Visitor messages or load up our conversation. When you put up a message on your own page I won't get a notification that you answered.
    So ... can I use the one with all the charactors? I'll put a little thing under it saying thanks to Sephiroth0812
    Alright then.
    Next time asking beforehand might not only spare any trouble but maybe even earn you permission to use parts of works of others, of course with proper credit given.

    The left part with the KH-cast on it I may be willing to discuss if you can use it, but the Moogle on the right is a taboo, that one was a personal gift to me from another member and is not to be copied.
    oh crap, sorry about that, didn't realise you actually made it ... awkward, i changed it though!
    So uh, even though you're still "new," it's generally known as common courtesy to ask before taking. I am of course referring to Sephiroth0812's signature, which you have apparently taken for yourself without his permission.

    Just advising you to make it a point to ask people beforehand, unless it's obvious that the image in question isn't fanmade.
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