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  • Hey Papou, what's doin' on? Oh, and here*tosses a keychain to Papou* It is a custom made weapon that matches your personality. Just throw it in the air and catch it. It then materializes into your own personal weapon.
    Well, my day sucked. I swear I have the curse of Arbor/ Earth day. Ah, crap, I gotta go. Oh, and I also got a new sig! Please comment.
    Arh, Hello to you too. I've been to lazy to go on the forums and post so I just checked the homepage for news and missed your reply. Oh well, found it now :)

    I get your point about the unexplained Department of Mysteries now too, because I've finally finished the series. YAY!! I can't believe they killed Tonks and Lupin. Barstards. They were awsome, woulda made good parents too...

    I've even started reading the other books too now. I finished Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and the Tales of Beetle the Bard and I'm halfway through Quiddich Through the Ages. I wanna know what king of creature dementers are. It doesn't say in fantastic beasts... maybe they're spirits?

    Good to hear from you, maybe I'll started posting again now I've finished reading but your already owning me with your count so don't get your hopes up for a big comeback :)
    Hey, thanks for adding me as your friend. I know I'm a little late, I was Internet-less for the past few weeks lol.
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