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  • Hello, hello, I'm you first visitor message! :3
    How do you feel being part of something you just watched until now?

    I agree that FMA: Brotherhood is better than the old FMA, even though it had its moments, too. I thought the Hughes story was presented better in the old one, it was fleshed out more and even more emotional. Other things like the "if we use alchemy we suck the energy out of people in a parallel dimension" was more ... whaaat? I don't even want to start talking about the horrible Shamballa movie follow-up with Hitler as the main villain (I might be biased though, we Germans are noooot exactly fond of Hitler, more like the exact opposite) that was just ... ugh. Oh, well, I am glad to have watched the old FMA before Brotherhood.

    From your reaction I take that you watch Haikyuu! ? Kageyama is so cool imo, he always makes those gorgeous faces. I love characters who make those kind of faces, I'm actually enjoying the hell out of Dragonball Super right now, even so the story tends to go from kinda nice to utter bullshit.
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