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Recent content by Oxyrt

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    Help/Support ► Please read if you own KH2FM+

    if you have a fat PS2, then you do not have to break open anything to use swap magic. if you have one of those slim PS2's, then all you do is witch out the original flip top for a new one. SO, there actually is no "breaking open" a PS2 with swap magic. I use swap magic with a fat PS2. I have...
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    FF7 REMAKE GameInformer Article *NEW*

    ~Article from the latest Game Informer Magazine~ In a story that seems to change with every month, the remake of Final Fantasy VII appears to not be happening...unless it does. In japanese magazine Dorimaga, series character designer Tetsuya Nomura said, "we're absolutely not making [such a...
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    KH 'X' Set Back because of FF13?

    ~Article from latest GAME INFORMER Magazine~ We're all wondering what Final Fantasy XIII is going to be like when we finally get it in our hands - which may be later rather than sooner. Word is that the game's a mess right now, and the localization process itself is expected to take a full...
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    E.S. Jiminiy Journal Picture

    It might just translate out to "Unkown" or "Unknown Soldier". This has been done before.
  5. O

    Kingdom Hearts 2 Attains Greatest Hits Status!

    I saw this at a Wal-Mart or something a few months ago. I thought I started a thread about it, but oh well. I'm glad Kingdom Hearts II did so well! This will definately tell Square that they should make another game!
  6. O

    E.S. Jiminiy Journal Picture

    after you beat the game, there is an option to save, and if you do so then you can go back, and it will magically appear! *poofs*
  7. O

    Soras Voice

    But that's for KH2: Final Mix, not Re:CoM. If the Japanese were experiencing eng voices in it, then this thread would be non-existant! Maybe we would get Jap voices for KH2: FM, not saying it's actually coming out here.:closedeyes:
  8. O

    What was the worst thing that happen to you in KH2

    haha, my friends only see gay parts too. im like "no, serious, the games awesome!! i swear!!!"
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    What was the worst thing that happen to you in KH2

    The worst thing that happened to me was, I had never beaten sephiroth, and i had just gotten ultima for the forst time. So, i was like "hey, im gonna go beat sephy!!" so, i played (and i counted) 23 times in a row!!! and i died with him having 2 bars left basically each time. on the 24th time, i...
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    E.S. Jiminiy Journal Picture

    Hm...it does look like lips:huh: , but they're dark. Maybe they're his lips, but just shadowed.
  11. O

    Enigmatic Soldier Location: Do I really have to play the game over again?

    "ES can be fought only after fight with Xemnas - yes, ending battle; then u will have option to save (O) or to cancel (X), after saving there is enabled Theater option in Start menu. U can watch every scene in game (+ Sunset Horizons vid, that is named 'Gathering')." found this on a YouTube...
  12. O

    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    I'm guessing to go into Limit Form you don't have to have Donald or Goofy? In a vid of the new Sora vs Roxas battle, he went into Limit Form without them.
  13. O

    Enigmatic Soldier Location: Do I really have to play the game over again?

    It should be in the cornerstone of light place. Maybe you haven't done something to unlock it yet? I'm not sure though.
  14. O

    Crossroads: Questions

    Yeah, I'm with lightkeeper on this one, I think it's wherever your heart takes you. I mean the whole game (Kingdom Hearts 2) is about listening to your heart.
  15. O

    how long?

    Good point, I never noticed that.