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  • It was just a joke lol. Read the article: A Link Between Worlds: Looks Like Crap, Plays Like a Dream | USgamer
    Had to remove your puking gif in the LoZ thread after getting complaints from other members that it was making them sick.
    Oh I've been a bit busy as of lately, so I haven't gotten on.

    Been okay, just busy with school and family. xD

    And you?
    I didn't expect anyone to be on at this hour, though, so I was happy to see you around!

    I'm so glad to hear that! Sorry to hear you were in a slump.

    Ah, I'm being murdered by Calculus. On out test today, I was trying to find use the mean value theorum, which was working well until I got a third degree polynomial, which I had no idea how to factor. But Anatomy and Physiology is fun!
    The power to write twenty page essays in one night.
    The wisdom to factor third degree polynomials.
    The courage to actually finish a drawing.

    Those are the powers I wish I had, haha.

    How have you been?
    It's awesome. My roommates beat it before me, but I'm taking my time. Other than that, haven't been playing much. Come to the IRC, I visit occasionally.
    Your Link is weak, he only has three hearts. :v
    Here, a Heart Container. *slains Gohma and hands it*
    Just as well, I haven't gotten to do anything in my town anyway,except get stung by bees :(

    OTL is a stick figure of a person on all fours. O= head, T = arms on the ground, and L = legs. It's kinda like a really sad face, I guess
    I can't until at least Saturday, but when I do get around to it, my town is called "Miracle" (I'm not original with naming and stuff OTL) so we can visit each other's town then!
    I can't sneak it in, it's too late. ;3; This is my last week, though, so I'll get to play it again when I get back.

    Is there wireless multiplayer on it? I've seen some people play with friends, so when I get it back, does that mean we could visit each other's town?
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