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  • I came back to finally finish my fanfic after all this time, and since I figured the site might be revitalized after the latest trailer, I figured I might as well try to finally come back after so long.
    I'm bumping it. No one has been posting in it but I know that when there is a new post showing up, people are more inclined to post there.
    send me your Skype username in case it changed, do you have a different Skype than the old one?
    no its the same i just linked to my Microsoft account. been messaging you for a while
    sorry no. i'm using my wii u to message you and i can only get to it sparingly or i'd love to chat. we could always pm, i have a tumblr but i don't check it that often b/c i don't have reason to.
    hey overfase how are ya? lol no one leaves forever, our nature has been set from the moment we logged-in.
    Hey I had a quick question for you, Delsan said you were the one that made his signature 3DS friend code picture. I was wondering if you minded telling me how you did that? It looks really nifty and I want one too. :)

    Not really... I have it connected on my laptop a lot, but I never use it at all.

    That's good to hear, I have a job as well, as a sales associate.

    Oni-Con. Houston, Texas
    Thank you

    Oh! Congrats! Being an aunt or uncle is like being a big brother or sister. They look up to you in that way. For me it's both, mother and big sister. Take care of them and stay in their lives as much as possible.

    That's great to hear! What's been happening? I went to an anime convention this weekend and had a lot of fun.
    Been okay, studying as a Medical Assistant... working my ass off... taking care of my niece and nephew... nothing much.

    How are you?
    On the bright side, I just got a new job and I start tomorrow. It even pays better than my last job. So now my goal of making the jump to current gen consoles is more realistic.
    I've been playing it on Proud mode. I'm an over-grinder so it wasn't too hard for me. Last time I played I finished Monstro and so far I've only died about 2 or 3 times. Only problem is, my PS3 suddenly doesn't want to read game discs any more. Or DVDs or Blu-rays. It will only read music CDs. I'll try to fix it. It probably just needs a good cleaning because I did let some dust settle in it. Right now I'm just trying to get my hands on a vacuum cleaner hose attachment with a brush (with suction that's not too strong so it doesn't damage components) so I can give it a really thorough cleaning.
    My backlog is so long I still haven't finished 1.5 even though I had it since it released. I play it in short bursts every now and then. I'm planning to crack down and finish it before 2.5 comes out.
    Hey, I'm doing okay. Yes, I'm super excited for 2.5. I'm in between jobs right now though so I'm hoping I can get a new job in time for the game's release. How about you?
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