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  • Well it's nice to meet you.

    Never met a person that went by a KH name before. Is that the nickname you prefer?

    So how do you like it here so far?
    Don't usually get friend requests out of nowhere. So I'll just introduce myself real quick.

    I'm Mite, nice to meet you. I'm guessing you're new?
    xD lol i like how he watched a movie so he could make use of the childs discount at the theater haha

    riku is boss *u*
    That's good to know, lol. No need to thank me. Oh, btw you can call me KK ;D

    Sure, no problem, got a lot to explain so may take a few minutes and if you have questions feel free to ask me.

    Username Colors

    Different colored user names: Are mods that are in charge of the site.

    Blue usernames: Are those that just joined.

    Red usernames: Means you're a permium member when you hit a 1000 post counts.

    Silver a.k.a Platinum usernames: members who've hit 3000 post counts and been here a long time.

    Title Under Your Username

    Every time you hit a certain post count it changes. Forgot how it goes but it's like Heartless > Nobody > Keyblade Wielder > Organization Member > then once you hit Permium you can change it to whatever you want.

    Also when your red the photo of your avie (avatar) increases to 125x125 if your silver 150x150


    You can also make threads of your own in any of these sections, however always check before you post one in case it's a topic already discussed. If its in Creative Writing or

    The Foyer: Is where new member introduce themselves or if they're leaving the site after so long.

    The Future of Kingdom Heart: is where you'll find all the new updates on Kh3d, some of it may contain spoilers so read at your own risk. It's also a place to speculate about upcoming titles, making theories and what not.

    Kingdom Hearts series: You can dicuss anything in there regarding all known titles of kingdom hearts that's out. Asking questions if your help and talking about favorite characters and ect.. Oh yeah, be careful with theories, there are those more knowledgeable about the series and will recorrect you depending on what it is your discussing, but there friendly rest assure.

    Final Fantasy series: Pretty much the same thing but no one really makes theories up in regarding anything final fantasy related all that much. But, they'll update any info they come across on up coming titles.

    General Section: Where you discuss the normal stuff in life, adding input to interesting threads with interesting questions in them. If you want religion or more politics there's two sections inside the general section above where you can find them.

    Video Games: Any type of game your looking for or want to know more about can be found here. Can ask for help on certains games here too.

    Fanclubs: All sorts of fanclubs to join and make more friends. I have a club that you can join and meet people too, so feel free to hop in at any time.

    Forum Insantiy: Can make random posts, posts random pics, whatever you want in here. There's also forum games that are fun to play in.

    Media Discussion: Anime, Manga, Music, Books, Tv shows, you can find here and discuss.

    Creative Media: Place where you can show off your fan art, photos and request avies and sig's designed a special way.

    Creative Writing: Is where you can find all the fanfiction, poetry, and orginial stories people come up with. Can write anything you want and it doesn't have to be kingdom hearts related (many ask this question).

    Role playing: is where you can join or make up your own RP's.

    Remaining things to cover

    The black stars beneath a persons posts is where you can give them rep.

    The rep near your black star is how many reps you can give that person.

    The gray bar near your username means you haven't recieved any reputation from anybody. Can get rep from saying something worth getting a rep for among other things. If its green then that means someone rep'd you.

    Otherwise have fun on the forum, don't flame others or anything and you'll be fine x]
    xD haha kyoko~ her chasing train was the highlight for me lol i dont know if i envied him or pitied him lol i like the one where he's in kid form and bumps into her saving her from Chronos.
    xD haha she wanted him to be her date but yes that one was good! IT HAD A DINOSAUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    xD hahaha that one is good eve was all "he hit everyone of them...." train: "damn i missed!" xD
    xD i like when train and eve have to work together to get the data off that game~
    oh oh oh finally someone who even knows who they are!!!!!! train makes me lol XD he's just awesome and has one of the best intimidation faces i've ever seen in a manga o,0 i actually shuttered.
    Sven was just cool honestly his eye is boss XD and his hat stylish~
    Eve made me lol in her scenes with train XD

    oh oh and Ringo *u*
    Hello, nice to meet you otakudemon :D your a new member to khinsider, how do you like the forum so far?
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