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  • Sounds kind of awesome, frankly. Though not nearly so whimsical, it reminds me just a bit of Italo Calvino's Cosmicomics. Must be the chasing after moons.

    I've always loved the idea of forgotten technology functioning as magic -- and the use of nanites in place of souls is fantastic.

    If this becomes a roleplay, when?
    If this becomes a story . . . again, when?
    Thank you so much for the ideas! Honestly, I don't know much about space or NASA so that piece of exposition was going to take a lot of research on my part. The idea about the solar flare frying the technology is great, I have everything surrounding the meteor shower planned out except for how it actually strikes Earth, so you've definitely saved me there.

    As for the bit with NASA, I realize it sounds slightly unfeasible for them to be involved in the cure, but I do have a plan that will hopefully come to fruition as I continue working on the skeleton of the RP, it's similar to what you've mentioned to me.

    Thank you for the help though, I really appreciate it :) I haven't spearheaded my own RP in a long time, so planning everything out isn't coming along as easily as I'd thought.
    I tend to favor somewhere in between. Likely much closer to the side of realism, but I don't want to go TOO overboard.
    I have the Noticeboard up, but I need you to delete Prof's post: here. It is impeding progress and therefore must be destroyed.
    My hopes as well. That squashy-spider-thing is the worst of the bunch.

    The environments showed promise, though. I liked the ship suspended by rocks, along with the partly-destroyed town.
    The creature concepts for DkSII are uuuugly.

    I never fully grasped what Miyazaki meant by "elegance" in his designs, until I saw these.
    Implying they aren't as finalized as they will be

    Implying I am shit-eating maggot-infested pants-on-head ape-retarded negro-mongoloid when in fact I am sloth. I eat leaves, and algae might grow in my fur if I don't take leafy tea baths. I am not ape-retarded, I just eat diddlying leaves and I'm slow because poop nutrient value in leaves

    you are durt that I poop one once every week
    It's hard to imagine Orion, since there are so many Giants in Greek mythology. What kind of bow would he use? Also, his death must've sucked. Being either killed by Artemis or a giant scorpion. Oh, he's a son of Poseidon. I like him a little more now ^^
    You're asking the guy with the Buster Keaton avatar to "get with the times?"

    In that case (and in similar cases of collaboration), I'll probably get one soon. I'll be sure to send you that information, whenever it starts to exist.
    I don't, but I may be getting one to keep in touch with a friend from Germany.

    Why do you ask, He of the Starry Belt?
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