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  • Oh. Ncie.

    I want to get back into the game. But there isnt much to do..
    Im planning on probably doing a playthrough of the game.

    Dunno. since it would only get like 100 views .-.
    Why not? i'm okay with trying new things. It didn't take me long to find the German village in WA (I forget the name), because i already knew where it was. It was just a matter of going, and i guess sometimes i have ambitions that i don't meet until later on. There were a lot of ppl that i thought were cool (sadly i didn't cosplay), and getting to know some upcoming shows were great, although i was sleepy on Q's & A's so i didn't stick around much, but i got to visit a lot of devart ppl, and ppl who don't have art sites, and just go around freely presenting their materials. I also bought a Kaminas Gurren Lagann Symbol necklace which is awesome, a lot of Final Fantasy Potion, and some Death Note shirts. I kinda wanted to buy a sword, but i was working on a budget :p

    i liked yoga, but one of my bad experiences was balance in some of the most stressful positions. I had one position in which my hands stretched out to the floor, and then i put my head down with my back out straight. Then i crouch my knees to my elbows, and i slowly lift my legs in a crouching position, with my head facing towards the floor. I could not keep that position to save my life :*(

    I always do. Hopefully I can play off of my cousin's PSN. I'll let you know if anything.

    He has GH:SH, RB2, and GH:WT.
    Nothing much, seeing as were we left off. I did get a new job, LOL. That aside, things are going pretty swell. My days are pretty fulfilling this time around, and i've been able to relax my mind lately. Tomorrow i'll be doing Yoga (yikes), but i want to experience it, and see how it is and all. I've been venturing beyond my town, and have found small German areas in WA. I've visited China Town in Seattle which wasn't too big, and i went to an anime con which was fun, and funny. I've had a lot of fun, and venturing around areas, finding new experiences has been the biggest joys of my life.
    I'd love you longtime.

    Oh hay, the PS3 I have is collecting dust so my cousin took it with him to Upstate NY. ;-;.

    I'll get the slim one though.
    If you still wanna play RB by then ;-;.
    Howw do your videos get soo mannyyy viewss D:

    Whyy haventt youu uploaded a videoo in 3 weeksss? D:
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