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  • Praise the Sloth!

    Recently got back into DaS II (on PC, a very good port, albeit, still have to use controller, though my keyboard and mouse friends say its decent)

    Nothing more satisfying than to dress up as a Peasant with nothing but my maxed out Fire Longsword, and wipe the earth clean of petty ones who reek of magic and ultra greatswords on the Bridge Approach in Iron Keep.

    I'll actually need to consult with you about Night of Fate sometime soon. I'll try to send a PM in the next few days.

    Edit: btw I've already written up two of the predefined roles in The Last Queen (the Demon Queen and the Green Knight), but if it's alright with you I think it'd be fun to make a character entry for the Queen's Child as well.
    The Collected Works of Spurius - While I appreciate that you seem to be waiting for someone else to vote for "Jim Barnham's Last Will," I am ready to concede defeat and participate in "The Last Queen" when you're ready to start that roleplay.
    Sorry for the delay, I will definitely get Sarah's post up this weekend. Do you already have a good enough idea of Bryant's and Yen Sid's dialogue after that?
    Oh my, that song is fairly close to one I had in mind for Jan Ka'tet. I wish I could find a half-decent, free music maker to fiddle with and see if I could actually make some original scores for Nightfall.
    As it stands, you, myself, Ven, Hidden, and Tav are still in. Cort's continued involvement is unknown (I don't think he was going to really appear until the capital). And System Shock has shown interest in joining. Ven just made a post, as well.

    And to be honest, not a great deal has happened since your last post. Azazel made an appearance in a nearby town, and Alcaeus (followed by the others) went and met him.
    When you have the time, could you make a post for Christoph in "The Warlock?" While I will carry the burden when needed, as I know you're busy, I'd rather avoid taking control of him too much, simply because I don't feel I do him justice. He gets too Ogen-ish when I try to type from his perspective.
    That works for me. I need to put up a post for Izzy, but I may double post and put one up for Sarah as well just to get her perspective on Yen Sid's tower. Excellent writing, incorporating her into your post as you did.
    And yes I have had Noah soundtrack since it released and have seen the movie twice in theaters and the poor Bible thumpers that wasted their money on Son of God never realized how biblical of a movie they missed., despite Arnofsky's declaration that it is the least biblical movie. He grounded it in a believable, realistic fashion, with multiple levels of connections to the audience.

    The Creation Sequence alone is a good representation of that.
    Indeed, and it's close enough to KH: Eclipse that I can dirty my hands with the blood of the fallen, I'll be happy.

    Might add other characters as I progress, dunno.
    Still think we should have a buddy cop sort of gig sometime that's better than Arya and the Hound's S3-4 run (though it never ceased to make me laugh in it's almost sort of Coen Brothers-esqueness), hue.

    And yes, I did the thing. *Mansell drones in the distance*
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