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  • I managed to check on that jacket of mine, and it's a Tulliano one, if that helps at all.
    It's actually not what I was expecting, and if you need more details on how it should look I'd be happy to give them. But it's actually a pretty nice piece though, and I'm still happy you're working on it. I've been writing a bit more recently too and hopefully I can get more up as soon as it's ready.;p
    It's from the latest Famitsu update for BBSFM. Here's the link to the original picture. I just cropped it :3

    ?n?܂?ւƂ‚Ȃ??閰??̕??ꂪ?Ăіa?????w?L???O?_?? ?n?[?c ?o?[?X ?o?C ?X???[?v ?t?@?C?i?? ?~?b?N?X?x?֘A?X?N???[???V???b?g?E?ʐ^?摜
    oh hello no boy I don't play that game you take your five bucks elsewhere

    ...what was the original topic?
    oh, well i was looking at the "Post Your Desktop" thread, and you had a picture of your mesenger oppened and it had a "Nadi Cline", so I thought maybe you knew each other
    sorry to bother you bro
    People don't make decisions without a context; I appreciate that you'd tell me all that when you could have gotten by with a simple "no". Good luck with all those complications on your end--you somehow maintain a presence on the forums throughout all of it, whereas I'll usually just disappear when personal issues build up on me. If you'd ever like to give another go at putting that story in your head into writing, let me know, I'd still be interested.
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