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    I just watched the movie, Sunshine, today. I have to say it has an amazing soundtrack. Extremely emotional. Annnnd it inspired this thread. : ) AY6UMRClZcY What are your favorite soundtracks? (Also, sorry if this thread already exists, I looked and didn't see anything.)
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    Book Summaries

    Warning: 1984 spoilers...sorta Katie says: (8:28:34 PM) k wel Katie says: (8:28:39 PM) dude's fraid of rats Katie says: (8:28:45 PM) he's in luv wif a ho Katie says: (8:28:50 PM) n they try to defeat big brotha Katie says: (8:29:00 PM) but they get caught cuase this other dude is a jerk Katie...
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    Glenn Branca

    Glenn fucking Branca. : | c4Py3Aamx5Q sqHz7cUw4Ls Thoughts? Oh, that's right you don't have any... HE JUST FUCKING BLEW YOUR MIND. >: (
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    water drawing

    Here's a drawing I did for an art class a few years ago of colored water. Sorry the coke bottle is kinda shitty and I can't really get it to look any better, I was falling asleep by the time I got to that part. Larger: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3038/2492617807_1ca166f289_b.jpg
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    Eno painting

    Here's an Eno painting I made for someone, I fixed it up a bit after I took this picture but didn't take another before I sent. Tell me what you think, critique is veryveryvery welcome. : ) I need 2 lern. Here it is larger: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3052/3030102283_b94577c103_b.jpg
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    Just wondering if anyone here likes Suicide. If you've never heard anything by them I suggest you get their first album. Great band. <3 a224CkygvR4 Bad ass mothafuckas. <3
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    Rate Your Music

    Just wondering if anyone had a RYM (Rate Your Music) page. Mine's Profile: only_dancing - Rate Your Music
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    Sup bros n hos, Galen "Massive Attack" ERICKSON told me to join... I don't rly know anything about Kingdom Hearts but I thought I'd check it out anyway for the lulz.