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Recent content by omelet_schnetz

  1. omelet_schnetz

    About Vanitas

    I think Darkness is Vanitas but only to a certain extent. I don’t think they’re gonna retcon Darkness into not being the darkness inside Ventus’s heart, but rather Vanitas is a combination of the darkness in Ven’s heart and the Darkness being residing inside of him. Hence his boyish personality...
  2. omelet_schnetz

    What do you predict the worlds of Kingdom Hearts IV will be(realistically, not what you want them to be)

    With that in mind, it would be interesting if they sort of adapted it to fit the main story like what they did with Space Paranoids in KH2. Maybe it isn't the mind of a random child, but someone else that he actually knows. Maybe he goes inside to unlock hidden memories? It's a silly concept so...
  3. omelet_schnetz

    What do you predict the worlds of Kingdom Hearts IV will be(realistically, not what you want them to be)

    Sora is actually 16 at this point since we know he's 14 in KH1, a year passed between KH1 and KH2, and a year passes between KH3 and Limit Cut. We know KH2 takes place the same year as KH3 since the Gummiphone says that Riku Replica looks how Riku did 1 year ago.
  4. omelet_schnetz

    KH 20 years anniversary is in 2022

    I would be excited for a KH1 remake as long as it didn't halt the production of any other games going forward. It'd be cool to see, but I really don't think it should be a priority since we've already gotten so many rereleases of past games. I would love a Disney + show (imagine 22-minutes of...
  5. omelet_schnetz

    Do You Want To See More 2D Worlds?

    Everytime I play the older games, it makes me think about how great some of the worlds would be in it. Strangely enough, my most wanted returning worlds are Halloween Town and Disney Town of all things. Disney Town has such a strange, cartoony style that isn't really seen with any other worlds...