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    what should be my difficulty?

    Proud first for me, then Critical on a later playthrough.
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    x play review

    I'm really getting sick of these reviewers ranting on about the loading times. They have no right to negate the score of the game according to an issue that has a solution (data-install). Did they expect a game this big with PS2-like graphics and tons of fully voiced scenes to load in the blink...
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    An 8.5 from IGN is very impressive. Of course all reviewers have their own agendas, but this reviewer seems to be nitpicky, not suprising since it is IGN. Oh, and still not ONE review that has complained about VAing... hmm... what could this mean. Nit-picky KH nerds galore.
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    Philip Defranco mentions BBS

    Its around 2:45 actually, nice find.
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    Hurricane Earl delaying BBS to east coast?

    I doubt it, was watching the weather a few minutes ago, and apparently it is predicted to loop up along the east coast and be up around the north-eastern coast by the end of Friday. And for people saying hurricanes aren't that destructive... we didn't highlight the 5 year anniversary for...
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    Best Buy GAMER magazine review

    One of their complaints was "Too many cut scenes for gamers who just want to kill things"... You know there is a wonderful option called Pause > Skip Scene, just waiting to be discovered.
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    Electricpig.co.uk Reviews BBS + Makes #1 on Top 5 Best PSP Games! + NEW SCREENS!!!

    Re: Electricpig.co.uk Reviews BBS + Makes #1 on Top 5 Best PSP Games! Nah. They've been expressing excitement for it for quite a while, every reviewer has their own agenda there... Kingdom Hearts is probably up high on that agenda. They'll give it a good review.. as for the stupid scores...
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    Gametrailers Birth by Sleep Video Preview

    No. You obviously dont watch many of their previews. This one was just like any other preview of any other game that they do. Their previews are strictly just facts concerning the game and are free of bias. Reviews are where that comes in. As for the narrator, his mood doesnt sound any...
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    Gametrailers Birth by Sleep Video Preview

    I'm not going to be able to study when I'm in a 200 yard radius of that game lets just say.
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    Gametrailers Birth by Sleep Video Preview

    Gamespot's was so generic and had the most monotone person reading it I have ever heard. Sucks, I have a huge Psychology exam coming up like 3 days after this releases. No day one purchase for me -.-
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    Gametrailers Birth by Sleep Video Preview

    Gametrailers is generally the best when it comes to previews in my opinion. I'm not sure if I should warn people of spoilers or not, I think most of the scenes are ones we've already seen before.
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    Gametrailers Birth by Sleep Video Preview

    Sorry if someone beat me to it. Gametrailers Previews Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep! - Kingdom Hearts Insider QtDiVWXeAw4
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    Final Trailer (now with Simple and Clean!)

    Re: Final Trailer Here (7:11) I thought his laugh was creepy..
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    Game Play @ Gamescom [With Videos!]

    Better resolution on an HD TV then? What I mean is will it look stretched out? If not then I'm definetely going to grab one of those cables when I get BbS
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    Final Trailer (now with Simple and Clean!)

    Re: Final Trailer Here (7:11) Funny, we were excited for this one too, now this thread has gone down the drain it seems. In my opinion I don't see how anyone can be excited for a new trailer for this if they are just going to keep throwing their biased judgments about the voice acting around...