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    The Purpose of The Seven Guardians of Light

    Alrighty, I've got a question about Kingdom Hearts 3 and the second keyblade war. How is it that the seven guardians are supposed to prevent the war from occurring? Isn't the purpose of this war to make the X-Blade, which is made by clashing 7 lights and 13 darknesses? If that's the case...
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    The Book of Prophecies or Something Else?

    I posted something similar to this a couple months ago but never got a response. One thing that I'm hoping to get an answer on is, is the Mickey Mouse you see in Daybreak Town the same Mickey from the other games, there by time travelling, or some other method, or was he simply summoned by the...
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    Is Mickey Real?

    Okay, so I know the book of prophecies brings stuff from the future. When does the game introduce and explain this by the way? It has yet to happen. Anyways, that said, you can see Mickey, Goofy and Donald. But they're in Daybreak and Mickey seemed as if he was intentionally there. If they're...
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    Looking For a Party Within Unicornis

    Does anybody here by any chance have a party I could join, or are you without a party and we could create one? I would like to be in a party. For those pesky raid bosses especially.
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    Avatar Boards

    Okay, is it practical to swap genders every once in a while and get both genders' avatar boards? At the moment it seems to just be a good way to run out of Avatar... Coins, points, whatever they were called. What do you think?
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    Alright, Help Me Choose a Union

    Okay, I have started playing, and have no idea who to choose. I don't know anything about any of the unions!
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    Time Travel is Confusing..

    So, I'm playing the game and Yen Sid and Mickey, Goofy and Donald are talking about how Xehanort went about travelling through time to get to the Sleeping Realm. Goofy: But what if he did the same thing as Sora and Riku did, and he jumped through time? Yen Sid: For that to work, a version of...
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    Story Questions?

    Alright after playing the game and watching the movie I have a whole slew of questions to ask, this got really confusing to me, hopefully I am not the only one. First I would like to ask for no spoilers of DDD. 1. How did Sora fight Roxas and talk to Roxas when he was never in the original...
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    Namine's Promise?

    Near the end Namine says that she will keep all her promises she made to Sora. What did she promise him? I haven't watched the movie yet, just finished the game.
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    X-Blade Functions?

    I have read that the x-blade is what summons the true Kingdom Hearts and the keyblade of heart only brings access to an artificial. Was that Kingdom Hearts in KH1 really artificial or do I have the purpose of the x-blade wrong? Edit: But then this contradicts what I've read before, that the...
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    World's Prison Computer?

    Reading through the interviews Nomura mentions the world prison's computer. I've heard this is where the princesses are kept and where you become a heartless. If this is the case, does anybody know what the computer said by any chance? I couldn't find it on the internet.
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    Blank Points/Secret Ending Clarification?

    This should be my last thread for the game, sorry to be such a pain guys! 1. What did Xehanort mean he had different paths to go down? Also how come he and Terra do not have amnesia but Terranort does? 2. What does all the poetry starting with "Images of their backs, preserved in memory" mean...
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    Roxas's appearance and connections

    Okay I've seen multiple questions about this and multiple answers yet never any which made any sense to me or seemed very solid. Why does Roxas look like Ventus? *Those who have not played BBS may not want to read this thread* There's yet another question I have though, how did Sora and Roxas...
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    The Final Episode Clarifications

    Having just finished The Final Episode I have even more questions than before. Geez. For one, why did Xehanort use the keyblade on himself and attempt to separate his and Terra's heart? What happened after, why did he fall into the darkness and where is Terra's heart? Because their hearts were...
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    Realm of Nothingness?

    I want to know what exactly the RoN is. I know you fight Xemnas with Riku in it at the end of the game but just what is it? And something about the door to the RoN being created from worlds as a gift to Sora? I'm definitely confused.