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ok sunny
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  • I haven't played Animal Crossing in a while (I'm far behind like a month XD; ), but if you want, my 3DS code is in my sig. My character's name is Krystal. It's the same as my real name. I used my username for Pokemon X, and in Pokemon Y, my character's name is Sunshine. My favorite nickname. XD;
    Yup, I can see that. Thanks for adding me! More Friend Safari to catch Pokemon on. :D
    I've got ya. Nope, it's not the same, haha... you got the last two digits the other way around. That explains why I couldn't add you... :p
    It's getting a lot of hype lately because of Pokebank's release (finally). And by the way, my 3DS said that your code is invalid; would you care to check if there's any mistake?
    Why thanks, I'll be sure to add you too. Do you play Pokemon XY as well?
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