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  • That depends on if you feel you can push yourself enough to run all of your affairs and make it for yourself. I'd say work for a company. My friend wanted to work for Pixar.
    No idea where they are... and they should've also been teared up... haha. Stupid me.

    Oh really? Then I'll definitely read the manga! Togashi's doing really well recently.
    Oh, thank you very much for your support!

    LOL... I guess you've learned a lesson. Either don't bring manga to school, or you check your backpack before zipping! Oh... that's no good. You should ask him to return, they're your books. Speaking of this, I've not returned the Pokemon Adventures I borrowed from my friend. I think he might still remember, but I've borrowed for too long and the books were actually hidden somewhere in my house...

    I see. I thought it has some deeper meaning. Nevertheless, this is my favorite arc! That's good. I'll probably read the manga too!
    Hi Voyageer!

    Sorry for replying late as I was busy with the Traditional Media. And thanks for dropping by there!

    I got hooked by the CoM manga when I saw it in a local store... that was the first time I knew KH has its own manga! However, I didn't bring much money there so I had to give up. The next time I got there, the manga was gone :(

    I just caught up with the latest HxH! It's so sad that Netero sacrifices himself to win the battle. Does the name Mereum have any meaning?
    Oh, you are so lucky. It's hard to find any KH manga here unless I travel to the Japanese bookstore in the city center. Even if so, the manga would still cost a lot... so I'll just read it online. I hope KH manga can be more action-focused. The story is very good and funny, but the battle scenes are just normal. I would like to see some more intense battle scenes, instead of just a one-hit KO (eg. Marluxia's case). Speaking of Marluxia, Amano didn't include the deadly Nobody machine he uses in CoM as the final boss... it would be more badass if he had added it in.

    Yes I know One Piece is fun... but I'm worried that once I started following the series, I couldn't stop... AKA addicted xD.
    Detective Conan is not bad, but it looks like it will never end xD.

    Is that so? I don't remember. But Amano didn't add in a few worlds like Deep Jungle and Halloween Town in the first KH series. I don't know if there is 100 Acre Wood, but I didn't find it (I downloaded the manga so I'm not sure if I have missed it).

    Oh, your library has manga? So cool!! I wish the libraries here would have too :( I read it online, too. Though the first 30 volumes, I borrowed from my friend. But since he graduated from high school, he never followed the series, so I had to find the remaining volumes myself.

    I dare not to read One Piece, it has a freaking long story now and if I follow it from the beginning, I would lose all my time xD. No, I won't follow this series.

    Both manga and anime work for me.
    D-Grayman is so creative and special. You should totally watch it! The only downside is that its story is too short... I'd like to watch more... And yes, I did watch the Pokemon anime years ago, but since I start reading the manga, I lost my interest to the anime :p... But I still watch it sometimes.

    As for manga, I read them more than I watch the anime (not in any order):

    Pokemon Adentures
    Kingdom Hearts
    Rockman EXE (it's so different from the anime; better battle scenes)
    Detective Conan

    And many more. A lot of them are based on the games I play. I have a Dragon Ball fan friend, and some One Piece's. Actually the KH manga is okay for me. The style is funny, but it doesn't give a lot of details, so only the fans would fully understand what it is about. If it were created in HxH atmosphere style, it would be badass xD

    I'm still following Pokemon Adventures. I re-read the series and I'm now reading VOL36. What's the latest volume now?
    Oh, I've not watched them yet. My brother has an assignment to do, so I will wait for him.

    I don't watch anime very much, I'm not a typical anime fan. I just watch them out of interest, so they're countable. Most of them I just watch with my brother.

    Rockman EXE (it''s my childhood game, so it can't be missed. I'll watch Starforce once I'm done with it)
    Hunter x Hunter
    Fairy Tail
    Attack on Titan
    Digimon (1,2; 3 and 4 are incomplete; not interested in the series onwards)
    Code Geass
    Doraemon (xD)
    Crayon Shinchan xD
    Oh, almost forgot. Detective Conan

    As for Pokemon, I prefer its manga (Pokemon Adventures) over the anime as it is based on the games. I don't remember any other anime that I've watched. If I remember, I'll add them in. I'm amazed how people can follow so many anime at once... haha.
    Yes, I watch them in Japanese too. I mean the subtitles are in Chinese. Japanese voice actors are really good! I actually prefer them over English voice actors (though I also prefer some English voice actors over the Japanese ones).
    My brother downloads the episodes from Chinese site because they have Chinese subtitles. I don't care, though. If I want to watch, any English sites would work for me (I don't really care which sites they are, so I don't remember). What about you?
    I don't understand much too. But since I know Chinese, I can at least read some Kanji :). Keep up your good work, I'm sure you'll get the hang of it in no time! Feel free to ask anyone when you're in doubt!

    By the way, I think I'll stop playing for today... I've been very busy for the last Easter event, I need a break.
    Well, good luck in your future exams! xD

    Oh, really? Haha, never thought so. If it's fun, then that's fine :).

    I heard you just joined Chi, right? How's it going now?
    Alright then, good luck in your exams!

    I agree with you. It is when we know there are bad things that we know what are good. That way, we will surely treasure the good things well :).

    I think that's what a divorced family misses... life to be together. I weren't you, so I can't understand exactly how you feel. But you used to live together, and if you would be happier to live that way, I'm sorry about that. Life changes from time to time. And who knows if a miracle will happen? We can just always hope for the best. I hope your parents will do well in their life! Keep up your spirits!
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