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    Xion Theory - Makes Perfect Sense

    He's right ya'know that whole "Noe" thing is driving me nuts! Oh no I'm becoming like my mother....
  2. OJKHManiac

    Who got the keyblade first?

    Ok so I was hanging out with some kh fans and one of them said Eiku got the keyblade before Sora, but because there was darkness in his heart he gave it up. I thought about it for a while and I think they got their keyblades at the same time, but Riku gave it up because of the darkness in his...
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    The Drawing Connection

    I know right? But my guy friends who played KH were like :confused: *sighs* guys sometimes...
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    Princesses of Heart

    Does this help? Ansem Secret Report nine: Naminé is a Nobody, created when a young girl's heart left her body. Yet she has no corresponding Heartless. This is because the “young girl” in this case was a princess. Kairi, a resident of Radiant Garden over which I had ruled, was one of the Seven...