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Recent content by Odrikah

  1. Odrikah

    Digital Media ► Odrikah's paintings n stuff!

    Whoa hey everyone what's up? It's me. Odrikah. Just about after I left these forums the first time I started picking up painting, and by this point I like to think I've gotten pretty alright at it. Here's some of my recent (digital) stuff! (I don't do solely digital, but lately the fact that...
  2. Odrikah

    A possible relation between Replicas and the Data World(s)

    Alright, so in my recent effort to catch up on Kingdom Hearts, I finally decided to sit through all of Re:Coded, and that game's focus on Data worlds like we've previously seen in the virtual Twilight Town and Tron, got me thinking. In CoM, the Riku Replica was made using data that Vexen...
  3. Odrikah

    The Things You Love And Hate About KH1?

    Oh heck yeah I forgot KH1 Gummi Ship is sooooo boooooring.
  4. Odrikah

    The Things You Love And Hate About KH1?

    My absolute favorite thing about KH1 has got to be the atmosphere. The mystery. The mystique of not knowing anything about this world and being thrust into it and having to, as Sora puts it, "Line the pieces up". CoM has the same feel. But I feel like all of the games KH2 and after kind of lose...
  5. Odrikah

    Goodness it's been a while!

    Yo, everyone! Nobody probably knows me anymore but I used to be a regular here. All throughout when I was in Highschool (Like seven years ago to three years ago), I got on KHI like almost every day. I was reeled in by and mostly stuck to contributing to the good 'ole "KHI Makes A KH Game"...