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    Wells,this place got no use for me anymore,so yeah,bye ppl,any1 of my friends who still wanna contact me may send me msg on hotmail or yahoo, that's all,see ya some other time guys!
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    Kingdom Hearts RE:chain of memories english cutscenes and gameplay

    Sorry for the double post,new vids where found,here you are: YouTube - KH Re:CoM English - Marluxia, Larxene, Vexen, Namine YouTube - KH Re:CoM English - Larxene Fight/Cutscene and Vexen Cutscene YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Re: CoM Intro(English) YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Re: CoM No Sleight Run -...
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    Kingdom Hearts RE:chain of memories english cutscenes and gameplay

    IGN Video: Kingdom Hearts RE: Chain of Memories PlayStation 2 Gameplay - IGN Video: Kingdom Hearts RE: Chain of Memories PlayStation 2 Gameplay - Alright people,these scenes are from reverse rebirth,but they're still english.I know that the 1st cutscene has been posted so i won't post it...
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    Azixel's draws

    Yeah,decided to make a thread with my draws on DA,well i haven't updated for a while,cause i've been pretty busy with school and tests,so you understand.As you'll see i have problem with the anatomy and the shading of my chars. Any flamings will be just flamed back,any other opinions,suggestions...
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    Fanfiction ► Axel's fan-fic

    Hehe,could be,could be not,you'll find out in the next chap ;D
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    Fanfiction ► Axel's fan-fic

    Nawz i thank you for your good comments!!!!!!^^ Hehe who do you think the voice is?!?! ^_^
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    Fanfiction ► Axel's fan-fic

    Omg,thank you so much!!!!^^ Hehe you'll have to wait till the next chap is up ;D And don't worry it won't take me months XDDDD
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    Fanfiction ► Axel's fan-fic

    omg!!! after so many months i still haven't updated?!?!!?!??!?! To think that i have the chap on my pc XDDDDD I am so very sorry for keeping ya waiting ppl,well if any1 is still interest,here is the 5th and 6th chap ^^ Chapter 5 : Flying in the sky The Gummi Ship took off. Sora was acting...
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    Ice cream Keyhole.

    Sora wanted BADLY to get into the dark realm and riku gave him the chance to get into it. Riku knew that these things would helo them find out what was happening,and also DIZ might have ordered him to do that.
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    Ice cream Keyhole.

    Yeah,but the ice cream also connects everything.Just think of it. Everyone was eating it: DIZ,Roxas,Hayner,Pence,Ollete,Axel e.t.c right? the picture was just a hint to find where they should go (probably).
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    Ice cream Keyhole.

    The ice cream as you know it's the thing that DIZ liked the most eating.After all they might couldn't think of something else to add as a key to open the keyhole so it's not os important.The ice-cream opened the keyhole indeed,but it was also a clue for the password they needed to get into the...
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    Nobody Sighted?!

    Lol there are also copies from traverse town chars on Radiant Garden.But yeah they have probably lack of characters that's why they've been using the same characters over and over.After all they've no importance on the game so i think it's not so worthy being discussed.
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    Best keyblade

    Oblivion,One winged angel and Ultima,they're badass,and powerfull.I also loved Bond of flames cause it increases the fire base attack.
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    Wow. Amazing....

    How....could you for get KH:COM.....on your closet...that's a dissgrace *jumps out of the window* Okay the game it's awesome since it's on a good challenge lvl,nothing much to say,the story is also great tho.
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    Hardest boss?

    I didn't really found many problems...but I think it'd be Xaldin,took me more than 10 mins to beat him.