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  • It was really funny to watch! xD No wonder why they are always so good. Oh wow I'm so confused with time right now. Can you help me out what time is it in NJ?
    Really??????????? When I was looking at your pics, I flicked to the forth episode just to check. I'm kind of, but just the face. That is really cool, you're great at acting. How much work goes into making one of their episodes?
    Yeah I can handle shoujo. I think I will check Hana-Kimi out!xD

    You did a really good Aerith! The hair, dress, and everything look super good! xD Weird you kind look like a girl off of Team Jonny Cake's spoofs. Not to much, just the face. Have you ever seen them? I love them! They are so funny. I was actually watching them today.
    I've never heard of Hana-kimi is it any good? I'm look for a new manga to read, I just got done with the newest Bleach. I did cry a little bit at the end of Chrono Crusade. Not that much, but enough. lol

    Really? I will look at them! xD
    Alright lol I'll be looking forward to the grand list. xD

    Really? I love the manga so much too! It was basically my first manga/anime, and I still love it to this day! That is super super cool! Have you ever cosplayed anyone else?
    Wow that's pretty cool. I've always wanted to take Japanese but I cannot until my junior year. What other anime/manga do you like? I love Death Note, Bleach, Naruto, Fruits Basket, Prince of Tennis, and Crono Crusade. I <3 them all!
    It's very cool that a girl likes it. How could I even forget Kamina? I <3 Yoko! Did you ever read the manga? It is very good.
    That's pretty cool you're a Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann fan. Have you watched the whole anime?
    Nope, that isn't me.
    I'm not do for another 2 weeks, I think.
    No, actually, I haven't made it yet. I may make one over the break when I have a lot of downtime to do so. I'm surprised I haven't made one sooner, if only for the sake of talking to the Eisley girls <3

    Oh Christ, that sounds miserable. It's nothing too serious, is it?
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