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  • Hello everybody! We have tons of new awards for the new year that can be requested through our Awards System thanks to Antifa Lockhart! Some are limited-time awards so go claim them before they are gone forever...


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  • Just wanted to let you know for your own benefit, you can read Fairy Tail legally here:

    The latest chapters released in Japan are free to read for anyone for a week after being posted in the site, assuming you're caught up with it that is. If you prefer reading manga on a device you can download Crunchyroll Manga's App still for free.
    Well, I'm sorry you see it that way, but I'm not going to change the way I convey my thoughts because you're annoyed. That's the honest truth. I can't be someone I'm not, and I won't lie to you and tell you I'll change it.
    I'm not angry. I have trouble using italics on my tablet. It's just the way I type things up. I can't emphasize the words any other way, and typing as a medium of speech is just...we, it doesn't convey well.
    Cheria is great in battle, she's actually heavily recommended by other players to play as. I never liked Asbel so when I got the oppurtunity, I automatically went straight to play as Hubert and then never looked back. It's a difficult game as you progress further on with it. The anime cut scenes become more frequent as you progress too.
    Yes, Tales of Graces f is fantastic if you disregard the repetitive aspect of the game in which you visit the same places over and over. I'm probably more a fan of Hubert than the game itself though.
    I don't care which one I get at first because as soon as I can I'm sending my level 1 Ho Oh through! I want to see how legenderies act with the affection thing. Lol it says even normal fierce looking Pokemon can get 'cute' the more you pet/play with them and that it effects how they do in battles.
    Both? Nice. But if you had to stick with one of them- which would you choose?
    In my opinion -Red,Gold,Diamond,HeartGold, White, White 2 where the better to they're counters.
    You replied! And really? I thought the TGS was pretty good this year. Or I'm thinking of E3... lol
    How about Pokemon X and Y! That's coming out soon
    The question would not be if it's original but if it's necessary for story purposes. To give people other than TAV armor just so they look cool is a waste of space except if one writes it so that armor is a general asset for Keyblade Wielders who train under a Master (Sora and Riku are largely self-taught, so armor for them would require even more explanation needed).

    That's plenty of stuff to be sure. And damn, after revising my content for my story over the weekend I am now contemplating to split the narrative up into several stories as well. I'm at chapter 50 right now (granted, they are rather short with max. 2200 words per chapter) but the overall narrative is just like a third into the whole storyline.

    To be honest I am not that tightfisted when it comes to what my readers think, heck, even if I do not have any pairings or romance in my story, if people want to think about a ship let them as long as they keep my intention for the story in mind as well.
    If someone would come and say my story goes better than the actual KH III I'll just say that I am flattered by that, but that I do not think of my fanwork to be superior to the actual canon made by Nomura.
    They are even more uninformed then since the three never really died, they only lost their physical and independent existence. That so many (of the old guard) jump off after KH 3 can potentially even turn out to be an advantage, although I have put my own decision on that on hold since I will check beforehand if they are going to completely disregard everything that happened in the first saga and how many major characters beside Sora are carried over.
    Headcanon is all good and dandy and you are even allowed to like it more than actual canon...as long as you still recognize actual canon and do not deny/ignore it.

    Why would you need to do that? Your work is also fanon after all and not everything you place in a fanon work does actually equal wanting that in actual canon as well.
    In my story for example there will be some armor later on, but that is my fanwork only, it doesn't mean I want to see it in the actual series as well. That's also why it completely disregards DDD. I had planned out that plot before DDD came out and why should I change the narrative completely just to incorporate DDD?
    The main point of Days was surely to show how Roxas' time in the Organisation played out, meaning what transpired in that year Sora was asleep. It was also one of the four stories Nomura wanted to cover.
    It also gave further hints and things to think about regarding hearts and Nobodies, and although many people didn't like Days because the story didn't play out like their headcanon before it was, it is undeniable that Nomura and co. made a severe error by turning Xion into a single-character spotlight-stealing squad, not to mention that each and every story arc in Days was either centered around her or heavily involved her.
    Re: Coded is at first glance only important in regard to Mickey's letter and the foreshadowing for DDD in the secret ending and also much shorter storywise than any other KH game, which is due to its original status as a phone game though.
    At second glance though Re: Coded has two more important assets that actually foreshadow two of the major reveals and incidents in DDD:
    One is the fact that feeling the pain of the tormented ones if handled wrong is dangerous to Sora's heart. Data-Namin? warned both Mickey and Data-Sora about just that, which was exploited by Xemnas, Xigbar and Young Xehanort in DDD in order to have Sora's heart fall to darkness.
    The other is the issue that hearts can be born in entities that normally do not have them as Data-Sora grew a heart during Re: Coded despite being a data construct, which actually foreshadows the revelations about hearts in DDD.

    All in all, about Re: Coded you can say that while it is certainly the least important out of all entries in the series so far in terms of story development, it is certainly not pointless or a mere rehash as it has elements that complement and reinforce some story points from the other titles.
    Not to mention it has the most varied gameplay of all titles.
    New members wouldn't look out this list.
    They would be eager to share their ideas to the rest of the community.

    All we really can do is be supportive of them, if there was a more recent one (within 2 pages), leave it for the mods to link and close, and just let the members have fun.

    With KHIII announced, we're already experiencing an influx of new members. Getting abusive at them for making a thread when there is a similar one is counter-productive to what staff is trying to achieve.
    Well, it's not just with the Lightning Returns thing. I've noticed this happening for a while now, especially with new members who make threads that have already been made in the past :c

    It's kinda hard to keep these under control, so I understand your frustration with them, but they're new members. They don't know there was already a thread on it :p
    You're very abrasive and confrontational, especially when it comes to people having a different opinion to you.
    Do you mind turning this down? It might be scary for newer members.
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