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OathkeeperRoxas XIII

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  • I'm just saying that the signature itself is too big. I'd rather you change it to something else or fix it so it's smaller.
    The actual size of the picture doesn't matter but using a url shrinker helps. I use tinypic because the urls are really small and it's nice.
    Honestly I think it'd just be better if we were without BriFTW because all he does is start fights between you and other members. <<' Not even fun fights. just MEH MEH MEH MEH MEH [imagine this in a whiny voice for effect]
    However. In the recolor thread, I don't believe he was talking about you... So you freaked out and sparked another fight. You really should avoid that. It's coincidences. I'm convinced it's just a coincidence.
    you said we'd fight at 1:30(youre late)
    Well... He has a two day ban or so for now for the PM he sent. Mostly as a lesson since he was trying to get you in trouble for something like that... and then sends one himself.
    Because oathkeeperriku09 is a LIAR.
    This whole thing is really dumb and I just want the two of you to stop bad mouthing each other and trying to start shit. I know you haven't been doing much but... whatever.

    But how does Bryan know about that if he isn't a member?
    ... I love when I check up on things out of curiosity and you just prove me right, BriFTW. Iiii'm just gonna give you a little infraction for harassment.

    [Seriously, look at his activity. He's probably on vacation and all you're doing is fucking up his wall.]
    You cant keep cowering just because we know the winner
    I see you still haven't accepted my challenge. I win by default. Gtfo scaredycat
    Brinstar Depths, Norfair, Final Destination, your choice.
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