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  • No, no. But I was getting frustrated at Neoshadow for reviving all those threads. When I warned him and he didn't stop, I thought that maybe the limit was 4 months old instead of 3 months (how long since the last post). So I joined in on a few I was interested in. I felt like I should apologize for that, since I know the rules.
    Well, I'm slowing down, now I've gotta apologize to the mods. Or at least, I feel responsible for doing so.
    Yup, sure does! And it isn't against the rules or anything. It's just for notification purposes. I've already goofed and posted one on my own profile tonight, myself...

    Oh well. Off to bed! It's 4:30am here, and I gotta rest up for the Saturday competition!
    Yeah, we're pals!
    Oh, and if you want me to be notified of a Visitor Message, you gotta post it on MY profile. I did the exact same thing you just did when I started, but Guard was kind've a strict teacher...
    Unfortunately no you can't haha. But I don't think you should feel bad. Seems like you know this guy
    I'm trying my best to stay in the lead, I've already come back from being down roughly 20, I'm not trying to lose a lead of 20 in the same day haha
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