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  • Some people get off on making other people miserable.

    I'm fine with it. Right now everything is okay.

    I likes your hair! :D
    ....Meaning that boys your age are curious and will more then likely find something like that "hot".
    Might change when you get older *shrugs* who knows, I wasn't trying to impose.
    I only has 2 pictures of mehself. I'll put my sig back up but, I don't want to put up a pic even in a PM. Not after this week and all of the crap people have said.

    Sorry dude. :<


    No hard feelings.
    Muffin Man flatters me with his compliments. Yeah, I'm young but, I developed fast. I look like I'm 16 or 17. You saw my sig before? That girl in the picture is me.

    I'm Catholic. :D
    Sounds like an interesting day :D
    Oh and I sort of suspected that, it was too obvious =P

    But not like it's a problem or anything.
    I noticed, hey there Cho! :D

    Oh and nothing of real interest happened today, just a lazy weekend.
    Trying to fill the void by chowing down and playing some relaxing music, you?
    Oooh. I see now. Well if Trixxie likes ya, I like ya! :D

    I like many things, Metal music, video games, Persona, I write short stories, I live in Cananada, I'm bi, and I'm a girl.

    I noticed we're the same age too.

    So what made you branch out and say hello? :3
    What are you doing on my user page and why are you reading my conversations? XD
    It looks great, interesting too.
    And I guess that makes a good present too, especially on Christmas day.
    Well it depends on how it's being installed, and sometimes they will give you the option to make it a desktop or start up icon. Either that or you could delete the shortcut of the program when it's uploaded to your desktop screen.

    But IIRC it will end up on his log in profile as well if it's downloaded as a desktop item.
    I am mature enough and wise enough to know what to click and not click (damn spyware.) but in general there are precautions to this. Unfortunately a lot people ignore these options; or rather box up their computers to the brim with anti viral/spyware equipment, rendering every search safe. Only with the sacrifice of freedom, I assume your parents monitor you a bit? Considering your age that is.

    tl;dr just use safe search.
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