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  • I know you like it >D

    I'll post every single photo of every version of my future roxas' cosplay

    talking about it xD in a groups of roxas in deviantart a constent is going to be held. An the topic is maid roxas
    (guess who suggested it :D) and someone asked if cosplay would be accepted *-* maid roxas is love
    I hope to cosplay every version of roxas
    A friend want me to cosplay as maid roxas xDD
    roxas roxas roxas roxas <3<3<3<3<3
    But roxas from KH II first.
    I've earning money for the cosplay
    and now with everything I got from my birthday I can buy the wig so first I'll be doing casual roxas.
    namine must be really easy
    for my costumbe I just buy the... fabric is how its call?
    and then with some help I sew it
    yeah xD
    especially with akuroku <3

    have u ever think about cosplaying?
    Yeah but Ive just met the character that makes up for Vaan BY FAR. Hes one of the coolest video game characters ever lol.
    I just started too. Im only a little bit after that. I agree though Reks is so much cooler than Vaan and he died ):
    LOL me too
    so many kingdom hearts fan <3
    In real life I just have one friend to talk to about KH
    thanks you :3
    I'm happy because nothing happenes to my notebook
    what would I do without going to this forum D:
    and my akuroku pics I've been collecting
    everything is good
    we went to a ride to the city to see how was it. People have been cleaning up but there are still things remaining to be done.
    I've heard the news that a lot of store have been sacked and there's lack of water and light.
    but LOL, where I live is everything normal, as if nothing had happened.
    asdasdasd last night there was a strong replica of 6 grades D:
    My whole family slept in the same bedroom. Was kinda funny

    *slaps forhead* Okay. Two in the morning, mind isn't working. No actually...I'm very far off from you. I live in the south. In Arkansas.

    << >> Fifty bucks. You know it. XD I'm cheap!
    :D It's only two in the morning here. Not much time difference then. You must live close to me.

    << >> AWEEEE. XD How rude of you!
    ;D Oh well awesome! Don't forget to pay rent then!

    And trust me, it's not really THAT hard, it's just that the people hit more often. I only actuall died outside of boss battles twice I beleive...but in boss battles. HOLY! D= WTF. But I just really...REALLY wanted that secret ending. :p

    And OH YES. Mickey saved Sora's behind. But in Proud, I had forgotten WHAT THE CRAP to do with him, and nearly killed Mickey! D: MAN!
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