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Recent content by Nukara

  1. Nukara

    Sora from Kingdom Hearts announced as a new DLC fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Sora fights against Pikachu and Lucario.I could only imagine this in my most unrealizable fantasies. This is the crossover we deserve. Now officially, thanks to Smash, KH is associated with Pokemon,Mario,Sonic and even Persona. ;-)
  2. Nukara

    News ► Kingdom Hearts music appears at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2021

    I don't know if this will be reported in the news on this site. But I was very pleased to listen to music from Kingdom hearts and Final Fantasy. The Hercules world theme was very much in the subject. And it's also nice that this Kingdom hearts franchise is gaining popularity so much that the...
  3. Nukara

    KINGDOM HEARTS Union X Finale

    I was the type of person who really believed that the player had re-incarnated into, Xehanort.😀 If this dark-haired woman is Xehanort's mother, can you call her Mothernort? 😂
  4. Nukara

    Anime/Manga ► I think people comparing the ending of Aot with the ending of GoT are exaggerating too much.

    At least the fact that unlike Got, in the Aot finale, many of the characters had their story arcs completed. (The same Levi) Reading the comments on Twitter, I am simply amazed at how toxic the fandom of the Attack of the Titans is. And I can also understand that many people don't want a...
  5. Nukara

    I'm the only one who finds it funny that we actually have another trio (Sora,, Roxas, Yozora) that are associated with a certain time of day ?

    As you know, the name "Sora" translates as "sky", the name "Yozora" as "Night sky", and regarding "Roxas", I heard somewhere that in Spanish there is a name similar to" Roxas",. and translates as" Red sky " (Red sky ,usually always associated with twilight.) Also interesting is the place where...
  6. Nukara

    Xehanort is a Player from Union cross (theory) and some more theories.

    Let me say that this theory has been discussed here before, but I would like to expand and supplement it. For starters ,we all know that Dark Road and Union cross are connected, if only by the fact that DR is formally launched through Union cross. However, it also seems to me an interesting...
  7. Nukara

    (Theory) Can the RAX trio be true traitors ?

    Although in UX ,Ventus looks like a traitor, in fact, he did not intentionally do anything wrong and did not betray his allies. And what if the Book of Prophecies had under traitors those who are not in the Era of fairy tales and not even in the Dark Road, but in the present time ? As we know in...
  8. Nukara

    Axel's voice actor preys on his female fanbase on social media

    You know by analyzing all these tweets, yet the situation itself does not look as serious as in the case of Johnny Depp, where it was about violence and beating. To deprive a career just for stupid behavior? Well, I do not know. Unless, of course, the story with herpes turns out to be true...
  9. Nukara

    Axel's voice actor preys on his female fanbase on social media

    In general, the only thing that Quinton Flynn can do in this situation is to repent for what he did. If the role of Axel is dear to him (considering how unhappy he was that Reno was voiced by another person in FF7r) and he does not want to be taken away from him after that.
  10. Nukara

    Axel's voice actor preys on his female fanbase on social media

    I absolutely agree, I live in Russia and I don't want to lose my favorite character, just because the English (!) VA is not a very good person. In general, I think that the most correct and unique voice acting of KH is Japanese, and the English dubbing is just a good translation. I will say...
  11. Nukara

    Axel's voice actor preys on his female fanbase on social media

    If Axel is only Quinton Flynn for you, it's already your problem that you judge a character only by his dubbing voice. Take my word for it that most likely no one will find out about this situation outside of Twitter and this forum. Not everyone is actively following VA, most are just enjoying...
  12. Nukara

    Axel's voice actor preys on his female fanbase on social media

    I mean, in more detail, what does it all mean?
  13. Nukara

    Axel's voice actor preys on his female fanbase on social media

    How does Quinton Flynn relate to Axel as a character? He just dubs it into English. Whatever wrong the VA does, it shouldn't affect Axel's role and relevance as the third most popular character after Sora and Roxas in Japan. VA can always be replaced with another, but deleting one of the best...
  14. Nukara

    Axel's voice actor preys on his female fanbase on social media

    Actually I'm more interested in Quinton Flynn's reaction to this whole incident right now. Given his activity on twitter, he should definitely react to all of this.
  15. Nukara

    Axel's voice actor preys on his female fanbase on social media

    Guys, maybe it is not necessary because of the actions of his VA (In addition, the English-speaking VA) to water Axel with slops. Whatever his English-speaking VA does, it shouldn't be about the Japanese fans who love Axel and Nomura's vision of this character in the future. This is why I always...