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Recent content by nubstyle

  1. nubstyle

    Light v dark

    I doubt that Kairi is the last light because shes already a PoH and they need to stay away from Organort. So the 7th light is probably Lea.
  2. nubstyle

    KH3D Livestreams, Comprehensive Impressions, and Playthroughs!

    WOAH! What keyblade did YMX use? It looked kinda like No Name crossed with Vanitas's keyblade.
  3. nubstyle

    2nd Secret Boss?

    He's to weak to be a "secret" boss. He's probably just an extra boss.
  4. nubstyle

    KH3D Livestreams, Comprehensive Impressions, and Playthroughs!

    If they make any games after KH3, i feel that it wont be as good. MX was one badass villian. It's gonna be hard to live up to that.
  5. nubstyle

    Kingdom Hearts 3D - Ending + Secret Ending

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 3D - Ending Reading that made me tremble a bit. KH3 seems like it's going to be epic.
  6. nubstyle

    Disputes between Lea - Even & Ienzo?

    Hey, i just realized, would some nobodies wake up sooner? They werent all killed at the same time.
  7. nubstyle

    Large Batch of Screenshots and Renders of The Grid + Dream Eaters!

    I hope not all of the Org13 members come back. That's just too much. I think only 6 should come back.
  8. nubstyle

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Box Art Revealed!

    Am i the only one that kinda hates this box art? Its nearly identical do the Re:Com box art, except that sora is upside down and mickey is there.
  9. nubstyle

    [SPOILER] Vanitas - the opposite part of Roxas?

    Didnt Sora kinda spawn 2 nobodies?
  10. nubstyle

    [Spoilers] Jump Festa 2012 Coverage! (Trailer Downloads in First Post!)

    Re: [Spoilers] Jump Festa 2012 Coverage! The movie was pretty decent, cept the ending was pretty crap. And if you ever wacth, dont watch it in 3d. Cant wait to see Vanitas again!!!!!
  11. nubstyle

    [Spoilers] Jump Festa 2012 Coverage! (Trailer Downloads in First Post!)

    Re: Jump Festa 2012 Coverage! yo peeps, there a vid yet, i dont really wanna search through 27 pages
  12. nubstyle


    Well, I haven't seen a thread for this show, so I made one. Anybody here watch it?
  13. nubstyle

    KH3D shown briefly on 3DS conference

    Maybe instead of party members its just a new way to lock onto enemies, or your party members targets?
  14. nubstyle

    The Unnamed Heartless - Important?

    Dude, that's been said thousands of times.
  15. nubstyle

    What system Do you want kingdom hearts BBS V.2 on?

    Let's hope this isn't true, but I would laugh my a** of if BBS Vol. 2 was KH:DDD. Btw I voted for psp.