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  • Baka no Youni (doesn't that sound like an epic anime lol)

    Yes, when my memory actually works xD but now I seriously won't forget.
    Or money. So they say.

    Yep, when it's not overreactive. That's the worse lol. I'm currently having feels about KH3D ;A; /what! Like a light switch switching off?

    *sparkles, glitters and sweet stuffs*

    Oh D:? But expecting the unexpected is always fun~ Awww, that's so cute lol :3 Hey! You should totally post a picture of you with KH3D~ I'm sure you're totally kawaii :D
    Lol good ^^ I thought you might take it as an insult or something lol

    Omg, my head just hurt reading that sentence lol Yes, all that confusing stuff. Words that sound the same but are not spelt the same....o_O I guess that's why people sip it and stuff but I'm so used to...you know, downing it all at once so it's like...Eugh. xD Vodka? ;A; drinking that thing is just painful...lol (Underage alcohol talk, Yes!)
    Oo, I should check him out. Any songs to suggest?
    Ah, I see ;3


    I'm fine thanks! Oh how I wish so badly I had a 3DS lol. How about you? How KH3D for ya?
    Finally got that chapter 27 out, yup.

    Damn, I really wanna have my KH DDD guidebook, what's taking these guys so long to import it? *ggg*
    The main issue remaining to say is that they all really blend in well with the KH-crew...^___^

    Yup, yup.
    Alright, I'm going to fix that stuff with chapter 27 once I get home...<__<
    I'm just at the second visit in Traverse...god, Joshua is such a hidden sweetie and Neku is so easily to embarass, *ggg*.
    Yep, it's so fun to play with them...and the noises they make...aww.

    Yea, my mail messed up. But I did post chapter 25 yesterday.
    It is, I can read the comments perfectly fine directly at the sentence they speak of. ;)
    Beehee, so you finally got it I see...^___^

    Gotta have to check my mail when I'm at home, seems the mail I send out chapter 27 with didn't go through for some reason...<__<
    Yep, defintely so.

    I finally hunted down the last annoying missing treasure chest with Riku in Traverse, so I'm finally free to update chapter 25 in the thread today. After that, I'll send ya chapter 27 this evening.

    Isn't that also Riku's eye color? I've seen his eyes green in some artwork but also more teal/aquamarine in others.
    It is at least somewhat weird when your old room begins to resemble a construction site, lol.

    The constant urge to contemplate and interpret is one of the things that makes NGE so interesting, as well as practically every character having two sides top explore and their vast mental disorders nearly the whole cast suffers from.
    It is of course not everyone's "cup of tea" and people who don't like deeper stuff should definitely stay away from it. There are also no definite answers to some mysteries, just like in KH, *ggg*.
    For the full experience the movie would surely be a good idea, although I will warn again, that movie is not something for the faint-hearted.

    Seems so, as Kiwi's online time is dropping a whole lot these days. ^__^
    Late reply, since I'm a baka and this vm got lost in river of vms basjdbajbdsd

    lol NO ;A; But if it's something important, I won't forget it :D
    And it makes worrrrrldddd go round~

    I don't know if having feels is a good thing or not, but hey, I'm human. Guess I can't help it lol /Do the vampires have no feels ;A;

    This event has passed but you hug someone anyone any time, so :p

    /Lol ooo, expected the unexpected. >:3 Can I expect you to come out cosplayed as...bear anytime soon?
    Haha, hey, maybe you ARE actually intelligent :D
    does that sound right
    i hope it does
    don't misunderstand that phrase

    why did i keep saying wine = WHINE. I need to stop. Oh lol xD isn't red wine bitter, idk? VODKA? lol...xD Awkward moment when I think Igor Stravinsky is some kinda alcohol but really he's a person :O Is he...is he...a erm...Composer? That will do :D
    I'm lost >.< what sort of things? whoops.

    <3 :D
    Oh, that sounds neat, seems we're staying ahead with chapter some more, lol.

    Sounds like a good color compromise, ;).
    I could think about other reasons for why its more expensive only in that color, but for what really? You got it, and that's fine.
    FF XIII-2 is, along with my PS3, already at my new place, so no real need to open it yet. Heck, if it weren't for the fact that I still haven't got flowing water there I would already have moved fully there.

    I'm currently evaluating how to balance gaming and writing at HiU, lol.
    You never understand NGE fully, lol, and the first two times you go more like "dafuq, what's really up?".
    The last two episodes of the series are something hard to comprehend altogether because it takes place entirely in the minds of the characters (mostly Shinji).
    An alternative telling of the ending (in the real world) is the movie "End of Evangelion", but one needs good nerves to watch that one.

    Kiwi? Oh dear, haha, then give some "Hi" back, lol.
    Always thinking of one another, makes one feel warm, *ggg*.
    Yep, it's always good to try out some features that may improve stuff.

    The box says "Aqua blue" but to me it looks more like green, lol.
    The white one is probably only available in limited numbers, and that's why it's more expensive.
    I haven't yet opened Theatrhythm (slowly I learn how to spell it, *ggg*) due to KH DDD. It's nearly the same as with FF XIII-2, which I also have not unpacked yet because I was busy with Kid Icarus and KH Days.

    I do have several animes, but I have so many yet unfinished games and also more interest in my story that I seldom find time for them. NGE is really something to brood over, and some call KH complicated, hah, they should take a look at NGE, lol.

    Work ensures you can pay your bills, but time-wise it's a real annoyance.
    Alrighty. ;)
    Yeah, especially if they may improve the handling of the text.

    You won't regret it, I'm sure. Besides DDD, which is Top Notch so far as I can say (especially the Chronicles, Glossary and the Characterkompendium are very loveable features to me besides the actual gameplay and story), you can also look at Theatrhythm FF and possibly more good 3DS Titles like Kid Icarus.
    Hah, I haven't got any new Anime's the last year after finishing Kyou Kara Maou. The new Evangelion Films probably don't count, lol.

    Gotta make a run for the sheets now, much work awaits tomorrow...<__<
    Yep, it also would not matter that much if there is a bit experimenting done as we are one chapter forwards already.

    Of course, I have the game since Friday. ^___^
    Sounds like a neat Idea, maybe I should finish chapter 47 though before starting the next world in DDD.
    That would then be Troll-Word again, rofl.

    That was certainly refreshing to answer this stuff again. ;)
    I'm gonna try to balance writing further and playing DDD starting next week, lol, as the entire weekend I didn't manage to write on due to being occupied with DDD.
    It's Word 2000. It does have a comment-functionality as far as I know, but I can't say if it's compatible with newer word versions. Since you do save the document in word 2000-format (.doc, not .docx) anyways, the program should hopefully start to bitch if something can't be converted. ;)

    I'd say gotta try.
    I've answered the reviews so far and chapter 25 will be set to the thread this weekend. ;)
    Heh, I can eat both variants.

    Yep, I vaguely remember that too. I am also only rarely paying attention to the rep-system. It's not like I'm bent on collecting rep or giving out some like nothing. Rep should be reserved for really good posts, like that review for several chapters. ;)
    Yea, and in that future, the Word assistant will no more be the paperclip guy but a Trollface, lol. "Seems like you would like to write a letter. Problem?"
    I found all the haters goddamn annoying anyways, that's why I don't take part in the mess of spreading negative attitudes.

    Well, I will certainly try NOT to let a year pass between two chapters, lol. Chappie 26 is out. ;)
    Would you help me trade so I can get Kingdra and Miloltic, I've found no one else that is on that could help. If you can't its all good
    Yep, even the one that often jumps from the plate has to be caught and eaten as well, lol.
    True dat, true dat!

    That plan has worked, heh, gotta like that review as well, although you can't rep the same person twice that shortly, *ggg*.
    It would certainly be weird if a computer program like Word would triumph over an user, that's for sure. ;P
    Nah, at least you make the effort to look at the material and come up with some assumptions, that also counts. ^__^
    I am mostly more annoyed then panicked since I can't do my usual way of approaching fights, lol.
    Indeed, that's my stance as well, and a lesser version of "dislike" is properly "annoying" followed by "don't care".
    There won't be another option I'd say, lol.

    Cliffhangers are really a powerful narrative device, lol. I'll probably send you chapter 26 in the next hour, so you'll be a bit relieved of the cliffhanger, although this chapter may be another one that tugs at one's heartstrings due to whom it involves.
    Hey Nov I'm leaving KHinsider for good now, I can't post anywhere anymore without getting neg rep.
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