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  • If only members would adhere to that KHI would be an even better place.
    But that's asking for too much :\
    Oh of course you were worthy of it, otherwise I might not have given it to you.
    I rarely spread rep anymore anyway, so it's kind of refreshing to give some away.
    >:3 yes I haven't in a while (unless that wasn't sarcasm), but I'll get down to repping you in a minute.
    That shouldn't be too hard.
    Quick tip in Secret of Mana: Whenever you get a weapon skill leveled up, hold down the B button to charge up the weapon. When released, it does a good amount of damage.
    I always thought 'Euphoric Sorrow' was a better name. :<

    Oh, sup Symphonic Piece. Didn't see you there. :D
    Thanks, though it's kind of sad really.

    And a couple were a bit envious considering the little amount of time I've been here <_<
    But it's all good.

    Oh so you were dealing with the PSAT'S eh?
    I see well now you can be at ease, come stay a while ^_^ well if you can that is.
    I see your point.

    There's something always new to post but most of it is old news or crappy theories :<
    Plus the lag is killing my love for this place; it's a shame.

    And I finally made Plat ^_^
    But other than that I'm alright, just handling the stresses of real life.
    Still I'm just glad you're still around at all.

    A lot of people aren't around quite as often, especially the mods.
    I have no idea when you changed your name, so I got really confused when you were on my friend's list. ;_;
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