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    Baseless Thought, YAY!

    Now i was debating on whether or not I should even post this, but here it is. Also I haven't read much interviews, so if there is one explaining this whole situation let me know and close this. By now its common knowledge that Roxas was using Sora's Keyblade until absorbing Xion, thus...
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    Who here were fans...

    Awe yes. The good ol' simpler days of yesteryear. Those days I spent on DI were the best. Heres hoping for DI Gameplay in 3DS or KH3.
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    Who here were fans...

    I first played the game shortly after it came out. My Girlfriend at the time actually got me the game for Christmas, and the first thing i thought was "Disney and FF in one game? I hope it doesn't suck." As soon as i turned the game on i was hooked. The only thing i hated was getting all my...
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    Who here were fans...

    of KH BEFORE COM came out? I want to know some of the Die-hard-old-school fans on this site..
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    A small little "theory" about the guardian and the keyblade

    But I thought Terra's heart didn't have the keyblade, his "mind" did. I mean it still had it when he attacked Sora 11 years later. So if thats true and Xemas did have Terra's heart he still couldn't wield one anyway.
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    Spoilers Through Music

    I think the real question now is: If the theme songs do point to connections between people, maybe someone who is better at music then I am should listen to MF's theme and see if there is anything there. If it hasn't already been done that is.
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    Funny things that have happened to you in Birth By Sleep

    I was at the Graveyard and i was drawing up my HW at the same time and not paying much attention. And the next thing I know I was dead. I dont know how it happened. It was pretty funny though.
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    Funny things that have happened to you in Birth By Sleep

    I died after lvl 50.. that was weird....
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    what have you come up with

    Stopga + Magnet Spiral.... 'nuff said
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    Just a Quick Question...

    But i think its too big of a question just to leave it alone. I mean how is Sora going to end up defeating the darkness?
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    Just a Quick Question...

    Yeah i agree with you there, I have always believed that. But you have to think there was no darkness in the universe at one point in time. So obliviously light survived without darkness before.
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    Just a Quick Question...

    So I was playing through Aqua's story again and I heard a line that I didn't pay much attention to the first time in Castle of Dreams. The line reads "The master always told me darkness was something to be destroyed... But how if not with light?" to which FGM anwsers "Oh my dear your to young to...
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    The best Eraqus lingering Sentiments theory yet! (maybe)

    But the problem is there was only ONE body to create a nobody from (Terra's body), even if three hearts were released.. and yes there is a possibility that a second nobody was created in a similar way as Namine, but come on i don't see that happening or we should of heard something by now.
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    WHY is Xemnas looking for Ven?

    He wants his friend back.. all he wanted to do was protect his friends by the end of BBS. Now how he knows Ven is in the ROA is a whole different story. People are still debating about that
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    "Kye"-Blade Question

    Then i don't really get it. Like if the two halves were equal in light and darkness the heart would of made the "kye"-blade?