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  • Here is some irony: Scientists rejects the possibility of ID like a hardcore Christian denies atheism. They call Christians ignorant when they themselves have ignorance on their side too.
    Iv'e got some poems of my own in creative writing, if you want to check them out and tell me what you think I would really appreciate it.
    I saw it in theatres and then I bought it. some good stuff and its done with a little humour. especially at the end. Ben Stein makes a call for people to stand up so scientists aren't ousted. and then he says. (closing the film) "anyone, anyone, anyone?"

    frigging hilarious (if you've seen Ferris Beuller's Day off you'll understant)
    That's pretty awesome.

    I haven't looked much into the science side of things myself since most of it is garbage

    I have studied the Bible a bit though. and what I don't know I usually can find pretty quickly.

    Have you seen Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed?
    It's an honor to be your first friend and to welcome you to Khinsider ^^. So what anime do you like?
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