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  • Sorry i was sick last night >:
    plus i wasnt in the same room as my phone (as usual XD) sorry!
    u can call tonight though! I promise i'll pick up! (this would be easier if someone got texting too *cough*)


    I hope you had a good one! And it's nice to hear you're doing so well. :)
    As for me, things have been very fine. I'm finally on my break from Uni (since three weeks); that, however, does not mean that I'm free from schoolwork D: I also just returned from my trip to France and now I'm preparing for the next trip :) So..I guess that's everything, unless you want to hear about lotsa irrelevant stuff :D
    Yeah it was pretty good

    First of all, sorry for my late reply D:
    It has indeed been awhile! I've also missed you :)

    So, how have you been? And how's life?
    Oh and congrats for making it to premium! Took you long enough xP

    Yeah. I'm at my grandparents' house in New Jersey right now, so we just got a huge cake from the bakery down the street.
    Yeah the only reason I woudl even bother reading the book is too make sure that I memorize the numbers and a few street rules
    Yeah my cousin taught me how to drive last summer, so i might take a quick look at the book just to be safe.
    Same here, but I'm in New jersey at the moment so I can't get my permit till some point next week
    Sorry that I replied to your H&S thread so late Mar.

    Shit's been going bonkers over here, I almost forgot completely. :/
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